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A Masterclass to Help You Get More Eyes on Your LinkedIn Profile

by LinkedIn News

Your LinkedIn Profile is your 24/7 online ambassador and plays a very important role in the buyer journey and job hunting process when decision makers are deciding if you are for them.  In today’s article I’ll cover the basic things you need to know to help get more eyes on your LinkedIn Profile.  I believe building your LinkedIn Profile to be the best professional online version of you is the first step in taking your business or career to the next level.

What LinkedIn can do for your Business

For businesses, when someone’s wanting to use your services or find someone with your specialties, they will research this skill set on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has 277% higher B2B conversion than Facebook and Twitter*.

What LinkedIn can do for your Career

For job hunters, when head hunters, recruiters and hiring managers are searching for suitable candidates, they are also searching on LinkedIn for particular specialties and skills.

90% of recruiters are on LinkedIn**.



But where to begin with improving your LinkedIn Profile?

Do you know which parts of your profile you need to optimise or update to get more eyes on your profile? And how do I even write a profile? [I hear you ask]. These are the questions I am often asked, so I’ve used the recent time in lockdown to create a virtual masterclass that guides you through every key element of your LinkedIn Profile.

And the BEST news is it takes all the guesswork out of what you need to focus on and teaches you how to write an All Star status LinkedIn profile.

This masterclass is the key to getting your share of the increased traffic that is online and on LinkedIn at the moment.

Do LinkedIn the Right Way

 What You Need to Know About Getting Found on LinkedIn Right Now

Let’s look at what will help you turn up in more of these searches by showing you how you can optimise, or strengthen, your LinkedIn Profile, so you have more eyes on your profile when people are searching for someone with your skill set on LinkedIn.

In today’s article I’ll cover the basic things you need to know and then [you guessed it] you can dive deeper with my Profile Essentials masterclass. And, by the way, if you are part of Think Bespoke’s community and subscribe to my email updates, the first 50 people who enrol in this masterclass before June 30 will be getting a VERY special, never to be repeated, registration price.


What is Your Current LinkedIn Profile Strength?

As a general rule, LinkedIn rates your profile as beginner, intermediate and all star. Having an All Star status LinkedIn Profile is like getting a 5 star review for a restaurant.

Beginner LinkedIn Profile

beginner linkedin profile

If your profile strength is at beginner level you have lots of work to do! I recommend adding your current position at the very least.  There are some great incentives to add more detail to your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn states that once you reach intermediate level you are 8x more likely to get noticed by hiring managers and 10x more likely to be contacted.


Intermediate LinkedIn Profile

Once you’ve added your position, it’s time to add your profile photo. LinkedIn states that members with a photo get up to 27x more profile views.

Once you add detail in the About section, add a photo and list some of your skills you will strengthen your profile and move towards All Star status.

All Star LinkedIn Profile Status

All Star StatusWhat does this even mean Karen? I had one of the lovely humans who road tested the Profile Essentials masterclass ask me this after she’d enrolled and was making her way through the masterclass modules. This prompted me to add the following explanation to this module, to help her [and hopefully also YOU] get your head around why having an All Star status LinkedIn Profile is so important!


Here’s how I explain it in the Profile Essentials masterclass module. This is an example of what you can expect from me in this masterclass.


A Simple Analogy to Explain the All Star status LinkedIn Profile Concept

Having an All Star status profile is not just a good thing, it’s how LinkedIn rates the strength of your LinkedIn Profile.  Perhaps it helps to think of it this way.

Do you rate your restaurant experience?

The Profile Strength Meter, and having a profile with All Star status, is Linkedin’s way of giving you a 5 star rating for your LinkedIn Profile.

Having an All Star status LinkedIn Profile also means you are more likely to come up in search versus your competitive set on LinkedIn if people are searching your particular skills (think ‘page one on Google’)!

You may have noticed that LinkedIn has a profile completion meter to help show you how your profile stacks up, with quick tips on how to improve your profile in minutes.

The more complete it is, the more you’ll stand out.

If you dread the idea of people looking at your LinkedIn Profile, now is the time to decide if my Profile Essentials masterclass is for you.

Learn more about my Profile Essentials Masterclass

Do LinkedIn the Right Way
Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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