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How to Access, Create and Manage the LinkedIn Event Feature

by LinkedIn News

The new LinkedIn Event feature has the potential to be a game changer for LinkedIn, providing members with one of the much desired Facebook features (Facebook events) that keeps some professionals from fully embracing LinkedIn as their first choice of platform when they are online.  The LinkedIn event feature provides members with an easy way to create and join professional events that interest them. Anyone can join an event (public or private) if they receive an invitation from the organiser or an attendee, or from an event that’s been shared by a connection.

How to Access the LinkedIn Event Feature

This feature is now available via your LinkedIn profile and company page.

How to Create a New LinkedIn Event

how to access the linkedin event feature

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Event

LinkedIn provides the following features to describe your event and make it a success:

  • Logo, Banner & Name of Event

how to access the linkedin event feature

  • Date, Location, Event Description and External Link to Event Registration
  • Edit and Delete Option
  • Invite Your Connections
  • Share Your Event
  • Post about your event
  • Events can be Public or Private

how to access the linkedin event feature

Invite Connections to Your LinkedIn Event

The LinkedIn Event feature allows you to invite all of your connections to your LinkedIn event. Strangely, however, you cannot invite people who follow your company page.  LinkedIn will allow you to see all of your connections from this view and you can then search by location, company and school. Connections need to be added manually by clicking next to their name from your list of connections and can then be invited once selected (as per the image below). Multiple connections can be invited at one time, once selected. To maintain the privacy of my connections I have shared a visual after searching for our Head of Online Content Solutions, Debbie Hatswell, and invited her to my next event.

How to access the linkedin event feature

Share the LinkedIn Event via a LinkedIn Post

Once you have created your LinkedIn event you can share this as a LinkedIn Post.

how to access the linkedin event feature

Post a LinkedIn Event Update

You can also post a LinkedIn event update for attendees who have accepted your invite to the event.

How to access the linkedin event feature

How to Manage Attendees

The LinkedIn event feature enables you to view a list of who you have invited, who is attending and the option to withdraw the invitation to the event (for those yet to accept the invitation).

LinkedIn Event Role Types

LinkedIn advises that the following types of roles are available for the LinkedIn Events feature:

Organiser: A member that operates as the event’s host, by creating the event, deciding on the event details, and inviting attendees.
Attendee: A member that either accepted an invitation to attend an event, or who has joined a public event.

Private vs Public LinkedIn Event Features

LinkedIn advises that both organisers and attendees can send invitations to connections to attend an event. However, if an event is private, the organiser will need to provide permission for attendees to invite their connections. Once you’ve accepted an invitation to a LinkedIn event, the feature gives you access to a list of LinkedIn members who will be attending the event with you. This allows you to interact with other attendees, as you can invite them to connect before you meet at the event (assuming it is a face to face event versus an online event). You can also participate in discussions with other attendees by posting and joining conversations in the event feed.

How I Discovered the LinkedIn Event Feature

Two months ago I came across the option to apply for the new LinkedIn event feature. I shared this news with Think Bespoke’s VIP Forum group on LinkedIn. At the time LinkedIn was requesting applications for LinkedIn events. On 16th October LinkedIn released this video via the LinkedIn YouTube channel.  LinkedIn Help also offers tips for creating and managing LinkedIn Events here.

how to access and create the linkedin event feature

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