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Think Bespoke Launches Lunch & Learn LinkedIn Online Training

by LinkedIn News

When I attend social or business events I’m inevitably asked ‘what do you do?’  I generally answer ‘I help people with LinkedIn’ which opens up a conversation around their view of LinkedIn and where they may need help. Many people feel mentally ‘stuck’ about LinkedIn and are just not sure how to approach it. They have questions about how to use it for business, how to use it to find a job and lots more!

There is SO much more to LinkedIn than many people may realise.  As a regular trainer and presenter with the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association, Australia & New Zealand’s (RCSA) and the Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia (ITECA) my focus is on keeping you informed about how to maximise LinkedIn to achieve professional success.

Everyone tells me they need to better understand how to use LinkedIn . . but feel unable to commit more time to it. The reason for this is quite simple. While LinkedIn is important, there are many more competing to do list items that are urgent that demand people’s attention. The best way to tend to your LinkedIn garden is much like how my grandfather taught me to approach gardening. If you do a little bit each day you will reap the rewards.

think bespoke launches lunch and learn linkedin online training

At the same time I’d attended a number of Business Chicks online training sessions and enjoyed attending these during the day while at work, at my desk. Many of my corporate clients were introducing lunch and learns with their own teams to help manage the feeling of overwhelm people get after missing 1 or 2 days of work when they attend professional development events or training. Shorter and more regular training opportunities seemed like something that would help people get LinkedIn off their to do list while balancing all of their other priorities.

Goals of Think Bespoke’s Lunch & Learn LinkedIn Online Training

My goal was to design a training program that felt accessible and easy to manage for anyone with a relatively full schedule. And let’s face it – that’s most of us these days! The idea of the Lunch & Learn program was born.  You eat your lunch at your laptop and I’ll bring the LinkedIn insights to help you unlock LinkedIn for your business.

As a business owner I understand that LinkedIn is an important but not urgent to do list item on your never ending list of to do’s. You’ve heard about others having success on LinkedIn but you’re put off by the salesy approach some of your new connections try with OTT messaging that just feels icky and not you.  I’ve designed this monthly lunch and learn to help busy professionals (business owners and business leaders) chip away at LinkedIn so it can be a much more powerful (and dare I say fun!) part of how you raise your profile online, get recommended and help potential clients or employers decide you are for them!

About Think Bespoke’s Lunch & Learn LinkedIn Online Training

I want you to:

  • get found by more clients online
  • showcase the best version of you on LinkedIn
  • make LinkedIn a productive tool for your business goals
  • get your LinkedIn questions answered so you can approach the most powerful professional networking platform with more confidence

As one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn Consultants I share my LinkedIn insights with business communities across Australia and New Zealand. I’m based in Melbourne and will visit your laptop or phone via this online seminar while you are tools down, enjoying your lunch.

 Join Our Lunch & Learn LinkedIn Online Training

So if you’d like bite sized training that enables you to learn while you eat your lunch, please join me at our upcoming Lunch & Learns.  Learn some of my practical strategies for how to use LinkedIn to stand out in a crowded market. Learn how to use LinkedIn as an effective and strategic networking tool for your business development. And get your LinkedIn questions answered!

Warning – we may also have some fun and a chuckle or two as I share some of my LinkedIn analogies about slow dances, foreplay and pelvic floor exercises.

Please visit our Workshop program page for dates.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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