Podcast Interview on Leveraged & Loving It: The 5 Stages in the LinkedIn Journey

I was recently interviewed on the Leveraged and Loving it Podcast with Renee Hasseldine about the 5 stages in the LinkedIn Journey.

Listen to hear about:

  • How LinkedIn compares to social media for your business
  • What kind of returns or results can we get on LinkedIn
  • Understanding that LinkedIn is like a virtual networking room
  • Why branding and setting up your profile well matters
  • How to approach networking on LinkedIn
  • Why LinkedIn is NOT a social media platform but a networking platform
  • Why transactional strategies DON’T work on LinkedIn
  • The differences between a company page strategy and a LinkedIn profile
  • How LinkedIn is an inbound not outbound strategy
  • Daily rituals for LinkedIn

the linkedin journey for personal branding

Thanks to Renee for the opportunity to share my LinkedIn insights and for the many laughs during our chat!

Click here to listen to the podcast.