Make Your Next Career Move: LinkedIn for Career Masterclass Melbourne

Our next LinkedIn for Career Masterclass is in Melbourne and is designed to help you be more effective and successful in job search.  We’ll show you how to network on LinkedIn by building relationships to create more opportunities.  The job market is highly competitive and you owe it to yourself to actively leverage the online tools available.  Securing the right job takes time and a lot of emotional energy, and our extensive experience supporting professionals in active job search will give you just the edge you’ve been looking for.

LinkedIn as Part of Your Job Search Strategy

If you focus on having the right conversations and know how to unlock many of the free features available via LinkedIn for professionals thinking about their next career move, or in active job search, then there will be many doors opened for you. Access the hidden job market by presenting the best version of your skills and experience on LinkedIn, spending time on LinkedIn and knowing what to do when you are there. 

Designed by Karen Hollenbach (that’s me!), one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn specialists, and delivered by Melbourne’s leading career practitioner and Job Search Coach, Marina Pitisano (who also happens to be our number one hand holder for clients in active job search).

What the LinkedIn for Career Masterclass Covers

This masterclass that will equip you with all the essentials needed to make your next career move faster by leveraging the many features available for professionals on LinkedIn. 


What Recruiters & Hiring Managers Want

The must know statistics about how recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates.

Personal Branding

How to present the best version of you on LinkedIn with our proven checklist to optimise your LinkedIn Profile for search.

Networking for Job Search

How to get into conversations that matter with your network (and beyond) to stay top of mind when your 1st and 2nd degree LinkedIn connections are looking for someone with your skills and experience.

Daily Rituals

How to set up Job Alerts and maximise your time on LinkedIn to get your dream job.


Registrations are now open: LinkedIn for Career Masterclass (Melbourne)

Monash Club
32 Exhibition Walk
Monash University
Clayton Campus, Vic 3800

Tuesday 8th October 2019
10am to 1pm


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