A Thought Leader’s Guide to Publishing Articles on LinkedIn

If you’re thinking about publishing more regularly on LinkedIn with thought provoking and insightful LinkedIn articles, then I’m so glad you found me.  This article is part of our Personal Branding on LinkedIn guide to managing your LinkedIn Profile and will help you get started with publishing articles on LinkedIn, covering my thoughts on the topics I’m often asked by thought leaders and subject matter experts about publishing on LinkedIn with the ‘write article‘ feature. It covers:

  • 5 Reasons to Publish on LinkedIn Articles
  • Review your LinkedIn Mindset
  • Types of Articles to Publish
  • LinkedIn Article Publishing Tips
  • Key Success Factors when Publishing LinkedIn Articles

A thought leaders guide to publishing linkedin articles

I’ve published 55 LinkedIn articles on a variety of topics since I was approved by LinkedIn to publish LinkedIn articles way back when you had to request permission to do so!

My best performing LinkedIn article currently has 41,788 views (at the time of writing) and other LinkedIn articles I’ve published have had less than 500 views. Engagement is an important metric but may not be the only reason you publish on LinkedIn and I’ll explain this idea further in due course.

While, like most things, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to what makes a LinkedIn article successful, there are a number of best practice tips I’d like to share with you, along with my own experience that forms this guide.

Importantly, in case you were wondering, publishing LinkedIn articles is now a feature available to all LinkedIn members.

5 Reasons to to Publish on LinkedIn

If you’re reading this article you probably don’t need me to convince you about the reasons publishing on LinkedIn helps your online profile, however I often find most organisations need this information to convince some of their key stakeholders and decision makers.  There are 5 main reasons (which could also be described as benefits) I encourage our clients to consider being more active with LinkedIn publishing, which include:

  1. Helps keep you top of mind with your LinkedIn network
  2. Allows you to share insights, observations and your knowledge with a broader audience
  3. Amplifies your blog post content from your organisation’s website
  4. Engages your professional network
  5. Helps position yourself as a thought leader in (and beyond) your field

Review Your LinkedIn Mindset

The success factors when publishing on LinkedIn start way before pressing publish on your latest LinkedIn article. Before diving into publishing your LinkedIn article for the first time, or publishing more regularly, or improving the quality of what you’re publishing, it’s important you consider your answer to these two questions. Your answers will influence your mindset when you are on LinkedIn, how you write your profile and how you approach your article publishing plan.

Question One: What do you want to be known for?

Question Two: Who you are you trying to influence when you are on LinkedIn?

Types of LinkedIn Articles to Publish

The types of articles you choose to publish will depend on your answers to the two questions above. In my case, I want to share value adding insights that help people unlock LinkedIn for their career and business. Step by step guides, how to topics for new features and tips on maximising your time on LinkedIn are very well received by by LinkedIn community. My LinkedIn articles also brand my profile and ensure I have a library of resources I can send prospective clients across the common questions I’m being asked or issues I see my clients facing with personal branding, thought leadership and how this translates to their LinkedIn activity.

Here are some ideas on how you may choose to generate your article topics:

  • Helpful & Technical
  • Provide clients with a sense of what your team is like to work with
  • Answer common questions you team are asked
  • Commentate on a recent change in regulation that impacts your clients and industry

Here are a few examples of articles I’ve published on LinkedIn:

You can view my LinkedIn Profile here to read more articles.

LinkedIn Article Publishing Tips

Best times to post on LinkedIn

  • The best time to post on LinkedIn is Wednesday 3 to 5 p.m.(Sprout Social)
  • Wednesday is the best day to post to LinkedIn.
  • Engagement varies per day, but Tuesday through Thursday rank best.
  • Friday through Monday receive the least amount of engagement.

Use ‘How to’ and List style headlines

  • Spend as much time on your feature image and headline choice as you do writing the article!
  • Avoid being cryptic – people are time poor and need easy to understand titles
  • Question headline articles do not perform as well as How to and Lists, but they can be a good way to encourage conversations with the people who matter!

Headline Length

  • Make your titles between 40 and 49 characters long

Article Structure

  • Divide your article into at least 5 sections with headings
  • Using headings (H1, H2, H3 tags, etc.) to break your post into easily digestible (and skimmable) sections will help your post perform.
  • Increases post views

Article Word Length

  • People like to read long-form content on LinkedIn
  • Post with large word counts perform well.
  • Posts between 1900 and 2000 words perform the best and gain the greatest number of post views, LinkedIn likes, LinkedIn comments, and LinkedIn Shares.

Make Your Posts on LinkedIn Visual

  • The feature image is essential and must be an image you have paid for or have permission to use
  • Add at least one image within the post
  • Some research indicates that including 8 images when you publish on LinkedIn is associated with a greater number of LinkedIn shares, likes, comments, and views. I rarely include that many and do not want this one to slow you down either!

Appeal to an 11 year old

  • Write like you talk
  • We apply this idea to our blog posts to encourage readability and shares and it works!
  • My 11 year old is a great reader – so this doesn’t mean ‘dumb it down’ it means make it accessible
  • While the LinkedIn audience is more educated, an “Easy” readability level attracts more post views, LinkedIn shares, and LinkedIn likes to the LinkedIn publisher post.

How to Leverage

  • Share to LinkedIn Company Page and repurpose in content plan
  • Spend time crafting and promoting your content e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Answer common questions asked and use as resources source for new clients

Key Success Factors when Publishing LinkedIn Articles

  • Consider your answers to the two questions at the start of this article
  • Decide what role publishing LinkedIn Articles can play
  • Consider your top performing blog posts and considering re-purposing (re-publishing) them as LinkedIn articles
  • Follow the publishing tips provided in this article
  • Test and measure and make sure you engage with your reader’s likes and comments and regularly review your article analytics

Your Published LinkedIn Articles

I enjoy reading about the success our online community has with LinkedIn so please reach out and invite me to connect on LinkedIn and share the articles you’ve published.