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How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

This feature appears to be available once more!

In June there was briefly some great news for LinkedIn Company Page Admins with the new feature that allowed you to invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page so you could grow your follower base.  Those admins who responded quickly enjoyed an increase in Company followers. However, within 2 weeks of the feature appearing, it was removed by LinkedIn! In November and December we’ve heard reports of it being available once more!

What this new feature offers

You can directly invite your connections from your LinkedIn network, which I’ve successfully done for a number of clients. Important to note, at the time of writing this article, this new feature to invite connections to your LinkedIn company page seems to be conditional upon being the Admin of only one company page. If you manage the LinkedIn company page for clients I recommend a few workarounds for this which you can contact me to discuss further!

how to invite your connections to follow your linkedin company page

Step by Step Instructions to Invite Your Connections to Follow Your Company Page

For those of you who are the admin of your LinkedIn Company Page, these are the steps you need to follow.

1. Sign in to your admin centre

2. Click Admin tools and select Invite connections from the dropdown.

 3. Select the correct members.

Now here’s the interesting thing about this step. When my client tried to invite ALL of his connections in one go, he received an error message.

4. Click Invite connections.

When I had a go, I had more luck. I tried inviting 7 connections and it went through. I then raised it to 77 and was rejected. I then tried 12, 18, 30, 40, 42 and 55 and these were all accepted. It felt like a game of Poker, raising my bet with each new hand.  A VERY exciting new feature indeed!

What LinkedIn Advised About the Following New Invite Connections to Follow Your Company Page

  • Page admins with less than 500 connections will see a Select all option.
  • Pages with less than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow via the Grow your page audience module on the right rail.  Note – the module won’t display if an admin has closed it or there are less than 3 connections left to invite.
  • Only one invite per member can be sent.
  • Members can opt out of receiving Page invitations through their Network settings.


how to invite connections to follow your linkedin company page

While it’s frustrating this feature came and then went, and is back again for just some company page admins, it demonstrates the importance of taking advantage of new features when they are around! What was your experience with this feature? Did you get access to it?

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Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As one of Asia Pacific’s Top 10 LinkedIn Experts I share fortnightly news with my global email community and run monthly online Lunch and Learns to teach professionals how to unlock LinkedIn. Sign up to my newsletter to help you learn LinkedIn – the right way!


  1. Klemens

    I cannot see the “Invite connections” item as an admin of the page. Any idea why? The page has 14 followers currently. Same thing on another page with around 100 followers.

    • Karen Hollenbach

      Yes – it does not appear to be available to everyone yet. I have heard from a few people in Australia that they’ve had the same experience you describe. We shall wait!

  2. Di

    Hi there Karen, just a quick one, will it use up inMail?

    • Karen Hollenbach

      Hi Di – no, it’s not related to your InMail credits as InMail lets you reach people who are not connections and the invite connections to follow your company page feature is related to people you are already connected to. Thanks, Karen

  3. Nienke

    Hi Karen, last week I did have this new feature (and used it for some of my connections) but for some reason the feature now is no longer available. Has it been disabled?

    • Karen Hollenbach

      Nienke this feature is available again. It did get with drawn, but it’s back!

  4. Dyanne Montenegro

    Hi Karen,

    I manage both of our company directors’ LinkedIn accounts (they both have 1,000+ connections) as well as the company page. I recently used this tool to invite connections to follow our page using the directors’ accounts (inviting up to 50 people per day). But just last week, the option/tool to do that has now been restricted, meaning, it’s no longer there. However, I wasn’t able to receive an error message or any notifications regarding the issue. Would you happen to know why? I’ve looked all over LinkedIn Help Center but couldn’t find any information about it. Many thanks.

    • Karen Hollenbach

      Hi Dyanne,

      This feature seems to come and go in terms of availability, which is very frustrating. I recommend you keep checking if you have the option to invite connections and even consider adding other staff members as admins and see if they get access (assuming you want to invite their connections).


  5. Cuenta

    The feature came back…and then was gone again. Is has not been available for the past 2 weeks. LinkedIn support says that it’s an error and they are working on fixing it. I’m amazed at how a company of this size can be so sloppy.

    • Karen Hollenbach

      Yes – it is very frustrating!


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