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How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

Updated March 2021

In this article you will learn how to invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page.

Inviting your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to increase your followers. LinkedIn gives you credits each month to invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page. You must be a Super or Content Admin of your LinkedIn Company Page to access this feature.  Learn more about LinkedIn Company Page admin roles in this article.

How to Invite Connections to Follow Your Company Page

As a Super or Content Admin on your LinkedIn Page, you can grow your follower base by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your Page.

Invite connections to follow company page

To send an invitation to your connection(s):

  1. Access your Super or Content Admin View.
  2. Click the Admin tools  dropdown at the top of the Page and select Invite connections.
  3. Select connections from the populated list or search for them using the Search for connections… field.
    • Connections that’ve been successfully invited or those who are already following your Page will be automatically filtered out.
  4. Click Invite connection(s). Your connections will receive an invitation notification. If an error appears, you may have reached your invitation limit.

LinkedIn Help advises the following:

  • Pages with less than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow via the Invite Connections To Follow module on the right side on your Page. The module won’t display if an Admin has closed it or there are less than three connections left to invite.
  • LinkedIn recommends that you only send Page invitations to connections who are likely to be interested in your Page.
  • Members can opt out of receiving any Page invitations through their Network settings.

Adding Interim Content Admins to Your LinkedIn Company Page

In cases where marketing, HR or an external agency manages your Linked content, you may like to consider adding the client facing individuals with a large number of LinkedIn connections as Content Admins for an interim period to ensure you are inviting relevant contacts to follow the LinkedIn company page. This needs to be handled carefully, and you’ll need to guide these individuals through the steps shown above.

An alternative to this, is to ask key team members / heads of departments and anyone with a large network on LinkedIn, to share a an update from their LinkedIn profile from time to time (once a month or so) to encourage their connections to follow the organisation’s LinkedIn company page. Here is an example.

how to create a linkedin company page

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Karen Hollenbach

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