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Beginner’s Guide: The Anatomy of a LinkedIn Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re new to managing your organisation’s LinkedIn company page, today’s article provides a handy overview of the anatomy of a LinkedIn company page for page admins to help you view, edit, engage with, and analyse all aspects of your organisation’s page. This article is part of our LinkedIn Company Page Admin’s guide to managing LinkedIn Company Pages and will help you get familiar with key admin features currently available for the free elements of the LinkedIn Company Page.

Tools Tabs Available from the LinkedIn Company Page Admin Centre

Page Tab: LinkedIn Company Page

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

The Page tab is where you can post updates and edit your Page’s banner image, basic info, detailed info, locations, featured groups and languages.  To engage with followers of your LinkedIn Page, administrators of the page can post text updates, images, relevant industry articles, and videos. These updates will display on your Company Page and on the LinkedIn feed of your company followers.

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

When you post or re-share an update, it becomes visible to all LinkedIn members from the updates feed of your LinkedIn Page. Followers of your Page will also see your update in their LinkedIn feed where they can comment on, like, or share it. Once a member takes one of the actions, their network will also see the update on their homepage feed, which is a great opportunity to spread your organisation’s message on LinkedIn.

As a Page admin, you can create and post your own update, or you can re-share a LinkedIn member’s update that mentions your company or school.

Content Suggestions: LinkedIn Company Page

The Content Suggestions tab helps you find trending content among your selected audience. It’s not my first choice for how to curate your content on LinkedIn, but may be a good starting point if you are yet to develop a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn for your organisation.

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

  1. Click the Content Suggestions tab in the top navigation bar.
  2. On the left rail, you can filter content by audience, Industry, Location, Job function or Seniority.
    Note: At least one filter must be selected to receive suggested content. You can use multiple filters at a time, but the estimated audience must remain above 300 members. Suggestions within each filter are based on your Page visitors.
  3. In the top section of the Page, you can select a pre-populated Topic or add one to target your suggestions further.
  4. Use the Sort by dropdown to sort your results by Most Recent, Most Engagement and Least Engagement.
  5. To share a piece of content, click the Share button.
  6. Add custom text, relevant @mentions, or hashtags.
  7. Click the privacy dropdown to set your preferred privacy level for the post. It will default to Public.
  8. Click Share.

Career Pages: LinkedIn Company Page

The Career Pages tab is a paid feature. It offers access to your Jobs page and Life page. Learn more about LinkedIn Career Pages.

Analytics: LinkedIn Company Page

The Analytics tab offers access to VisitorsUpdates, and Followers analytics. These metrics provide an essential starting point for measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn, and can be combined with your google analytics. If you’re also using the paid ad features LinkedIn has removed the ability for you to see individual followers, but does provide an overview of their location, job function, seniority, industry and company size.

If you have Career Pages added to your Page for a company or school, you’ll also have access to Talent Brand analytics.

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

Activity: LinkedIn Company Page

The Activity tab allows you to view Likes, Shares, Comments, and Mentions generated by your Pages’ member community.  If you are the Community Manager for your LinkedIn company page, this should be your first stop!  Importantly – admins do not currently receive notifications via LinkedIn Profiles for activity to the page (e.g. likes, shares, comments and mentions). Accessing this section of the LinkedIn Company Page or viewing it from your LinkedIn Profile’s newsfeed is currently the only way to check page activity.

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

Admin Tools: LinkedIn Company Page

The Admin tools dropdown is where you can access the option to manage page admins, your Page’s public URL, sponsor updates, create Showcase Pages, enter the Help Centre, give LinkedIn feedback, and deactivate your Page.

While in your Page’s admin centre, be aware that you are able to switch the member view (non-admin) by clicking the View as member button in the upper right corner of the Page. To switch back to the admin centre, click the View as admin button at the top of the page.

the anatomy of a linkedin company page

New Feature: Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

You are now also able to invite your connections to follow your organisation’s LinkedIn Company Page. Please read this article to find out how.

how to invite connections to follow your linkedin company page


If you’d like to book a 1:1 training session to help you learn how to manage your organisation’s LinkedIn Company Page, please contact us today.

Source: LinkedIn Help

If you’d like to know more about the advertising features available for your organisation’s LinkedIn Company Page please visit LinkedIn here.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

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