Podcast Interview on the Digital Marketing Show: LinkedIn Basics for Business

I was recently interviewed on The Digital Marketing Show and chatted with Glenn and Patrick about LinkedIn basics for business, why LinkedIn is important for business owners, personal branding and the LinkedIn content trends.

The Digital Marketing Show is about all things in the digital marketing space with topics around video production, social media, web, and more.  Co-hosts, Glenn Biclar, Alba Prime, and Patrick Jones interview expert guests to share insights and tips to help you with marketing your business. Their banter at the start and end of the interview will hopefully put a smile on your dial!  Thank you to Glenn and Patrick for a very fun chat.

Listen in to find out about:

  • How Glenn and Patrick think LinkedIn has changed and why they’re keen to take a fresh look at LinkedIn
  • The role of LinkedIn for personal branding
  • The difference between a LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company page and why you may need both
  • How to use some of the key features of your LinkedIn Profile including your headshot photo, background image, headline, summary, experience, education, skills and endorsements.
  • LinkedIn content trends to look out for
  • The role of LinkedIn for thought leadership
  • How to re-purpose your website blog on LinkedIn

the digital marketing show

Click here to listen to the podcast.