Online LinkedIn Learning Solutions Designed for Your Professional Journey

As a Certified Trainer & Assessor and Registered VIT teacher, my happy place is in the classroom. And until 2 years ago, the classroom or workshop environment had always been a physical space. With the development of online learning tools and the increased demand for training solutions to be delivered online via webinars and video workshops across Australia and New Zealand, my happy place is still the classroom, and is now a virtual or physical space.

Today’s article explains the LinkedIn journey, which is how I have broken your LinkedIn learning experience into manageable steps to help individuals and organisations embed my tips into their daily rituals. Theses tools and insights are a game changer for your career or business.

The Path to Success When Unlocking LinkedIn for Your Business and Career

Having shared my insights with and trained 1000s of people across Australia and New Zealand, I’ve designed the LinkedIn Journey (see visual below) as a way to represent to learners the path to success when unlocking LinkedIn.linkedin online training solutions and journey

  • It begins with understanding LinkedIn’s role for your career and business and then moves into how to brand your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page.
  • We then explore how to network on LinkedIn using my unique approach, based on relationship building and content marketing principles.
  • Once our foundational, intermediate and advanced networking principles are mastered, learners are then ready to develop daily rituals to maximise their time on LinkedIn.
  • For some leaders and specialists in their industry, it is also relevant to explore their role as a thought leader and how to maximise and leverage this on LinkedIn.

What You Can Learn from Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Learning Solutions

For each of these phases I described in the LinkedIn Journey diagram, we have online learning tools which our clients have told us provide them with the knowledge and confidence to unlock LinkedIn and get more of the clients (and jobs) they deserve on LinkedIn. Below is a guide to these resources, to help you unlock LinkedIn for your business and career.

Understanding LinkedIn

How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business (Webinar)

LinkedIn Profile Essentials (Course)

LinkedIn Profile & Company Page Essentials (Course)

Who Am I Self Reflection Exercise (Download – Reflection Tool)

Branding on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Optimiser (Download – Guide & Template)

LinkedIn Profile Essentials (Course)

LinkedIn Profile & Company Page Essentials (Course)

LinkedIn Profile vs Resume (Webinar)

Networking on LinkedIn

How to Network on LinkedIn (Webinar)

How to Network online and offline when job searching (webinar)

Daily Rituals on LinkedIn

How to Maximise LinkedIn with Daily Rituals (Webinar)