How to Update Your LinkedIn Group Settings

Are you a member of many LinkedIn groups?  Today’s article is for those of you who would like to review and update your LinkedIn group settings.

LinkedIn’s announced recent changes to LinkedIn groups which is overdue, given how user friendly the group experience is over at Facebook. Any change is very welcome, and LinkedIn tells us in this update that with member feedback in mind, they’ve rebuilt Groups from the ground up, making them available right in the main LinkedIn website and app. The integration of the LinkedIn Groups App into the LinkedIn App is a welcome one as it brings the group conversation back into the main member experience.

New Groups Gif

LinkedIn also tells us that new features have been added, to make it easier for us to talk to our professional communities. We can do things such as:

The new Groups experience hopes to help us “take advantage of all these conversations tools with a seamless, faster experience so you can easily participate in your groups alongside all of the things you already love to do on LinkedIn”.

How to Update Your LinkedIn Group Settings

You can update your LinkedIn group settings when on the desktop by clicking on the 3 buttons to the right hand side of the group name of any of the groups you are a member of (see picture below).

Update your linkedin group settings


This section covers the settings to allow or prevent messages from group members.  From the Group Settings page within the group, you can control whether members of your group can send you LinkedIn messages.

To change your group message settings:

  1. Navigate to your Groups homepage.
  2. Click the  More icon to the right of the group name and select  Update your settings.
  3. Under Messaging, click the toggle to Yes or No, indicating if other group members can message you.
  4. You changes will be saved automatically.

Display Group on Profile

Think Bespoke’s group is an unlisted group. Unlisted groups will not appear on your profile for non-group members.

You can change the visibility of a group on your profile.  Standard Group logos are displayed by default in the Interests section at the bottom of your profile. For Unlisted Groups, the logo will only be displayed to fellow group members. Learn more about viewing groups in your profile and the characteristics of Standard and Unlisted Groups on LinkedIn.

You can change whether a Standard Group logo shows on your profile from the Group settings page.

To change the visibility of a group:

  1. Navigate to your Group homepage.
  2. Click the  More icon to the right of the group name.
  3. Select  Update your settings.
  4. Under Display group on profile, switch the toggle On to display the group logo on your profile or Off to remove the group logo from your profile.
  5. Your changes will be saved automatically.

In-App Notifications for All Groups

This allows you to specify your preferences for the types of notifications you wish to receive from the LinkedIn groups you are a member of.

In App notifications for all groups

The Future of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn tells us this is just the beginning of the new LinkedIn Groups experience, and there will be more features in the coming months, such as new moderation tools for admins.

All groups are being migrated automatically to the new experience, which is rolling out now on desktop and mobile. More questions? Check out the LinkedIn Help Center for additional details.