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How to Conduct Job Search Using LinkedIn

by Career Management

Job search on LinkedIn will serve you well in a number of ways beyond just applying for advertised positions. It is also a key research step, giving you a sense of the types of roles available in your industry, the key selection criteria and the recruiters who are partnering with these employers. All of this information is invaluable as you network online and face to face to secure your next role.

When we work with clients on helping them make their next career move, it’s often because they’ve either felt stuck in a job or industry that’s no longer aligned to their values or passions or they have chosen a redundancy. With an updated LinkedIn profile and a clear plan of attack for networking, our clients are ready to conduct their job search using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has made some changes to LinkedIn Jobs to help job-seekers find the job that’s right for them. Today’s article walks you through these updates so you can make the most of the LinkedIn job search features available. In most cases these features are available via the free LinkedIn membership. Depending on your timeline for wanting a new job, it may also be worth you exploring the LinkedIn Premium Career, which offers an initial free trial.

How to Find the Right Job on LinkedIn using Search

You can scroll through jobs details, save the jobs that interests you, and see all the most important information – like company size, how many applicants there are, and who in your network can help – right at the top of the page, quickly giving you the context you need to decide if a job is the right fit for you. I encourage clients to take the time to use the filters and save general and more specific searches.

How to use LinkedIn to Conduct Job Search


An Easy Way to Find Remote Jobs

In recognition of an increasing number of people seeking more flexible schedules and work/life balance, LinkedIn has made it easier to find employment that does not require you coming into the office. The future of work! Interestingly, when I did apply this filter (see the bottom left hand side of the photo below for ‘remote’) all of the options that came up under ‘Marketing Manager’ were for US or UK jobs. It will be interesting if Australian and New Zealand companies also start to offer this option (which may already be the case for other role types).

[bctt tweet=”LinkedIn has made it easier to find employment that does not require you coming into the office. The future of work!” username=”thinkbespoke”]

Now when you’re searching for a job on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to select “remote jobs” as your location, which will return only jobs that the job poster has indicated are fully remote. You can also indicate in your Career Preferences that you’re open to working remotely, signalling to recruiters to reach out to you with these opportunities.

How to access remote jobs via linkedin job search

Be Notified When Your Dream Job Has Been Posted

LinkedIn loves any opportunity to get into your inbox, and so when you follow companies on LinkedIn, you’ll be prompted to turn on job alerts to be notified when your dream company posts new jobs so you can be one of the first to apply. I like this feature and encourage you to take advantage of it.

[bctt tweet=”LinkedIn loves any opportunity to get into your inbox.” username=”thinkbespoke”]

Know More About Your Potential Paycheck

There’s also a way to search for more insights in LinkedIn Salary for US based jobs, where you’re able to search by company – not just job title – to understand how different job titles are paid at the company you’re interested in.

With this additional insight, professionals can enter into interviews or conversations with managers more informed.

Please note – at the time of writing this article, this feature was not yet available in Australia.

Update Your Career Interests on LinkedIn

If you are in active job search I recommend you update your Career Interests on LinkedIn. Here’s an article I wrote about how to Update Your Career Interests on LinkedIn and here’s the latest on how to do this via LinkedIn Help.

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