How I Celebrated World Social Media Day 2018 in Melbourne

I like the idea of special days to celebrate events happening around the world. So when Jenny de Lacey gave me the opportunity to have my 15 minutes of fame with her Facebook Live marathon to celebrate World Social Media Day on June 30th, I said yes! Actually, I think I said, “Jen it’s the first day of school holidays” and then said yes . . .

In preparation for this session Jen suggested we cover some key areas about LinkedIn that she felt her business community would value. Because we didn’t cover all of this in the short time we had, I promised Jen and the viewers I’d share the notes I’d prepared for the Facebook Live here on the blog.

Depending on whether you like to read or watch, here’s my thoughts about how to make the most of LinkedIn for business and the recording of the Facebook Live.

Why LinkedIn for Business?

  • Largest professional networking platform in the world
  • 4 out of 5 Australian professionals are on LinkedIn
  • Most large organisations have a LinkedIn company page and an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses are sharing company news and updates via LinkedIn. LinkedIn also offers many advertising features now via sponsored updates.
  • Control your online presence
  • Get found online
  • Continue in real life IRL) or face to face conversations online
  • Connect your channels (e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

LinkedIn Best Practice For Business

  • Be collegiate and collaborative.
  • Focus on the relationship, not the transaction.
  • Add genuine value.
  • Provide insights and demonstrate your expertise in a practical and helpful way.

3 Must Do Things For Your LinkedIn Headline and LinkedIn Summary

Consider your answer to these 2 key questions before updating your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. What do you want to be known for?
  2. Who are you trying to influence?

LinkedIn Headline

Feature the problem you solve or your specialties and industry type versus the default, which is your title and where you work.

LinkedIn Summary

  • Write in the first person, which means you writing about you.
  • Give the reader a sense of who you help and your overall story until now.
  • Include a call to action (e.g. contact email, phone and website)
  • Include links to your website
  • Include video links

Simple Daily Tasks to Maintain Your Presence on LinkedIn

  • Download the LinkedIn App on your phone
  • Respond to invitations to connect
  • Check notifications
  • Continue IRL and face to face conversations online
  • Post updates relevant to your goals
  • Think about the role of video!

Thank you to Jenny de Lacey, for the opportunity to be part of The Visibility Project’s celebration of World Social Media Day.

Facebook Live World Social Media Day Celebration