How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business: Q&A with Karen Hollenbach

This month I commenced the 2018 training program for Think Bespoke’s popular LinkedIn for Business online seminar series. I first wrote and ran this program last year in response to many new clients wanting to understand how they could use LinkedIn for their business. It received positive feedback, with learners enjoying my unique approach to training Linkedin, helping both business owners and professionals better understand its value as a powerful business tool.

The LinkedIn Journey for Business

If you’d heard me speak about LinkedIn, you’ll know I’ve distilled the LinkedIn Journey for Business into 5 separate areas as detailed in the diagram below.

How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business

By starting with understanding LinkedIn, you can then better brand your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page. Once you’ve claimed your real estate on LinkedIn with these two online assets, you can then maximise your time online and use LinkedIn like a virtual room and networking platform. When you understand LinkedIn rewards members who are actively on the platform, you can develop daily rituals on LinkedIn and build it into your work habits.

Once you’ve embedded LinkedIn into your daily rituals (which can be as little as 5 minutes a day), you can then consider LinkedIn in terms of your goals for being a thought leader or influencer in your industry (and beyond) and leverage the many features available via LinkedIn to raise your profile online and across your desired geographic region.

How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business

The first online seminar begins with the first stage of this journey, Understanding LinkedIn and how to unlock its potential as this relates to the individual learner’s goals for LinkedIn. I step participants through the 4 key ways you can grow your business with LinkedIn. To unlock the power of LinkedIn for business, I believe you first need to understand the key relationship building and content marketing principles Think Bespoke uses to teach Australian professionals how to grow their business with LinkedIn.

The 4 key ways to unlock your business for LinkedIn are explained in detail during the webinar and include:

  1. Clarity on Goals & Purpose (what do you want to be known for and who are you trying to influence on LinkedIn)
  2. Branding You & Your Business (LinkedIn Profile & LinkedIn Company Page)
  3. Professional Networking
  4. Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan

This webinar is suitable for those who’ve done their research and know they need to spend more time on LinkedIn. They’ve realised that LinkedIn requires more attention after reading the widely reported statistic that LinkedIn delivers nearly 3 x the sales conversion of social media platforms (Hubspot Study).

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LinkedIn is a critical business touch point that requires focus and a strategy and, with daily rituals, can help you attract, acquire, engage and nurture more clients and customers.

Use LinkedIn to:

  • Expand your network
  • Raise awareness of your brand and business
  • Establish your personal brand within and beyond your industry
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader
  • Amplify your sales and marketing strategy

How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business Q&A with Karen Hollenbach

During the webinar I explained the 4 key ways to unlock LinkedIn for your business. At the end of the webinar, I asked the participants if they had any questions. Click here to download the Q&A LinkedIn for Business Webinar March 2018 from the end of the webinar, where we discuss:

  • Headline Format
  • Engagement on LinkedIn Profile versus LinkedIn Company Page
  • Adding Emails to Your LinkedIn Profile