A LinkedIn Company Page Checklist for Your Organisation

Today’s article provides a LinkedIn Company Page Checklist which you can use to review your organisation’s presence on LinkedIn. This will help ensure you’re leveraging this feature in your communication and content marketing strategy.

If you are responsible for the Communications for your organisation, then I’m glad you’ve found me. I help individuals and organisations unlock LinkedIn for their business and career goals and am being asked by more and more marketers and leaders of organisations and industry peak bodies to develop tailored LinkedIn training to show their team members how to raise their profiles on LinkedIn.

In some cases the key stakeholders and representatives of your organisation may have other businesses or organisations they are involved with, so it is essential to show both the individuals and organisations how they can showcase their involvement and amplify relevant content, while being true to their personal and organisational brands.

LinkedIn Company Page Checklist

A LinkedIn Company Page is vital for attracting new members and providing regular updates and industry analysis to your community. If you are yet to create a company page, please read this article to find out how. Following is a checklist of the key features you should be considering in regard to maximising this real estate on LinkedIn.

1. Review Company Page Branding

Ensure the company page logo, background image and copy are consistent with your website imagery and copy.

2. Company Page Admins

Check you have at least one admin on the page (if an admin leaves your organisation you may have difficulty accessing the company page). To add an admin to your LinkedIn Company Page please read these LinkedIn instructions.

3. List of Employees

Review all employees listed as working for your organisation – are all key stakeholders and team members accounted for? Often people do not list the company page correctly on their LinkedIn Profile. We provide LinkedIn Profile audits and can do this step for you. Find out more here.

4. Followers Analysis

How many followers do you have for your Company Page? What do you know about them? LinkedIn provides LinkedIn Company Page admins with the option to review the demographics of their followers. If you are about to embark on a new campaign or new member drive or trying to attract a specific type of follower to your page, this is a key way for you to measure your success with campaigns. To view your company page demographics please read this LinkedIn article.

5. Follower Strategy

Why would people follow your company page? If you wish to post value adding content to your community on LinkedIn, advertise to potential members via sponsored updates and encourage sign ups to your newsletter, then you need to develop a follower strategy. This starts with making a promise to potential company page followers about what sort of updates they can expect from your LinkedIn company page. You can then promote the fact that your organisation has a LinkedIn company page on your newsletter, email signature and even as an icon on your website. If you are on social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can also invite these followers to follow your organisation’s LinkedIn company page. Would you like a copy of my LinkedIn Company Page Guide? Request your copy here.

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This article has provided you with a checklist for reviewing your organisation’s Linkedin Company Page. If you have any further questions about how to leverage LinkedIn for your organisation, please ask and contact us today.