How to Update Contact Details on Your LinkedIn Profile

When my team and I conduct LinkedIn Profile Audits, one of the first steps we do is review your contact details. Depending on your public profile settings, it is your connections who can see most of your contact details, which can include your primary email, office phone or mobile, address, website, Twitter handle and so on. The easiest way to view your contact details is from the LinkedIn Mobile App, which you can download for Android and iPhone.

How To Check Your Contact Details on LinkedIn

Once you are logged into your profile (from your phone) please review your profile’s contact details by clicking on to your profile photo on the top LH side of your screen.  Then select view profile.

You should now be viewing your LinkedIn Profile.


Please scroll down to the Contact section and check your contact details.
You may need to click on See more to see all your details.

How To Update Contact Details on Your LinkedIn Profile

To update your contact details click on the blue pencil circled in green on the right hand side of the image below.


You can now be confident that your contact details on your LinkedIn Profile are correct.

Are you in the process of updating your LinkedIn Profile?

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