How to Brand You & Your Business on LinkedIn

If LinkedIn is on your to do list this year, today’s article is a great first step in helping you learn how to brand you and your business on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page should receive your full attention before you dedicate your precious time to networking and posting updates on LinkedIn. When you are on LinkedIn all paths do really lead to your profile. LinkedIn likes to rate how well you complete your profile and will give you an ‘All Star’ profile rating if you complete all the key sections of your profile.

How much information you complete on your profile will influence where LinkedIn ranks you in searches. Please note this is not the only factor that influences where you rank in search on LinkedIn.

To get started, let’s look at the areas where you can brand yourself on LinkedIn, then we’ll look at where you can brand your business on LinkedIn.

Using Your LinkedIn Profile for Brand YOU

Personal Branding is a concept that we are all starting to embrace, or at least consider. As a person with ambivert tendencies, my own personal journey with personal branding has been a long and uncomfortable one. As a lover of the written word, and someone who prefers to take photos than be in them, embracing professional photography has been the last piece in the puzzle in developing my personal brand. If you’d like to learn more about personal branding, please read my 5 steps for How to Build a Personal Brand Online. If you’d like to know more about my ambivert tendencies (and what does that even mean?) please read this article.

Your LinkedIn Profile provides a number of key ways to brand yourself on LinkedIn, including:

  1. Images
  2. Links to publications and websites
  3. Storytelling via your summary and experience
  4. LinkedIn Articles
  5. The content you share and engage with

Let’s look at two of these in more detail.

Images on Your LinkedIn Profile

Your profile photo and your background image are the two most prominent images on your LinkedIn profile. When deciding on which profile photo to upload, choose one that aligns with your role as a professional, but that makes you approachable. LinkedIn reports that members who include a profile photo receive 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages. Make sure it’s good quality and includes you only. For some inspiration, please visit Think Bespoke’s Pinterest Board dedicated to LinkedIn Headshots I’ve collected from across the globe.

When deciding on your background image, this is a great opportunity for consistent branding relative to your website and social media channels. You may like to choose a banner that is also featured on your website. Some people like to add text and include their business name and website address. In the example below I’ve chosen a more subtle approach and used the white brick wall that’s also featured on Think Bespoke’s website.

how to brand you and your business on linkedin


Storytelling via Your Summary & Experience

Your LinkedIn Profile is not your resume and so it’s important to inject your personality and approach into the way you describe yourself and your experience in your LinkedIn Profile. If you’ve taken the time to invest in a copywriter to write your About Us page on your website, use some of this copy in your summary section of your LinkedIn Profile and in the Experience section for your current role. For consistent branding and messaging some of my clients develop a blurb about their business and suggest this is included in their staff member’s experience sections for their current roles. This is where website links can also be added.

The images below give you an example of the summary and experience sections in my LinkedIn Profile. I encourage you to take some time to consider how you can write about yourself in your profile so that it helps people understand you and your business. Consistent messaging with your website is important, but remember to be human and write in the first person (you talking about you). We are not trying to be salesy. We are trying to give people a sense of who we are, who we work with and how we can serve our business community.

Using your Company Page to Brand Your Business on LinkedIn

If you are yet to create a Company Page for your organisation, this article shows you how. The creation of a company page ensures your brand’s logo can appear in the experience section of your team member’s LinkedIn Profiles.

You can brand your LinkedIn Company Page in a number of ways including:

  1. Adding your logo and a background image consistent with your website
  2. Adding your tagline and company website
  3. Adding relevant and consistent information in the About Us section
  4. Listing your organisation’s specialties
  5. Posting relevant updates