Think Bespoke Launches New Online Shop – LinkedIn & Career Planning

Life is full of steep learning curves, and one of the ones I’ve enjoyed climbing this year is learning to embrace online learning as a method of delivering my LinkedIn training. It was a round table at a business networking group over 4 years ago that I realised I was going to need to start to think about how to solve the ‘one to many’ problem that many small businesses start to experience as they move into the growth phase of their business.

Do You Dream of Achieving Greater Results?

If you dream of achieving greater results in your professional life and want to learn how to use LinkedIn for your business or career, then you are in the right place. Think Bespoke is all about helping values based individuals and organisations who want to make the world a better place and reach their full potential.

I teach Australians how to maximise the key features of LinkedIn for your business and career and know that sometimes you need to do some work before you’re ready to launch yourself on LinkedIn. I’ve re-designed my website and created an online shop to help you develop a stronger professional brand so you can maximise your time online and achieve your professional goals faster when you are on LinkedIn. This shop is over 18 months in the making and features all of my popular resources used with the 1000s of individuals and organisations I’ve trained over the last 5 years.

LinkedIn Online Learning Now Available via Think Bespoke’s Online Shopthink bespoke online shop

Our LinkedIn online learning tools, e-products and services start from $47 and include DIY options for optimising your LinkedIn Profile, done for you services and self paced courses.

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Essential Mid-Stage Career Planning Tools Now Available via Think Bespoke’s Online Shop

Our mid-stage career planning tools, e-products and services start from $27 and are just the inspiration you need to start planning your next career move.

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