3 Blog Posts From My Archive Every Dad Should Read

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I agree. With the annual celebration of Father’s Day upon us, it’s a great time to stop and thank those men around us who have helped grow our children (or us). The key Dads in my community are my husband, and the boy’s grandfathers.  My boys are now 9 and 12 and enjoy a close bond with their Papa (this is what my boys call their Dad), their Dedushka, or Deda, (my husband’s father, Russian heritage) and their Grandfather (my dear Dad). The boy’s Uncles and Great Uncle and older male cousins, plus a number of close friends, also play an important part in my son’s journey. If you are reading this, you know who you are, and have taken the time to either mentor or coach my boys along the way.

Since establishing Think Bespoke I have worked with many men in my capacity as a specialist LinkedIn trainer, Business and Career Coach. I’ve helped many senior professionals be more effective in their roles as people leaders, coached them as they prepare and negotiate their next career move (within and beyond their current organisations) and helped them navigate the emotional turbulence of being made redundant. In recent years I’ve also enjoyed playing the role of thought partner to a number of highly experienced and published CEO mentors across Australia who are in the final stages of their career. I have taught these sages to share their wisdom on LinkedIn to reach audiences well beyond their own well established professional and personal networks.

I’d like to share the 3 blog posts from my archive that I believe every Dad should read to help them along their own journey. These will provide you with the tools and insights for those in the mid stage of their career, or for those in the final stages.

1. 5 Steps for Developing a Mid Career Plan

Career Planning is not just a skill for people in the early stages of their career. In fact, career planning is just as important (if not more so, if personal fulfilment and reaching your full potential is a goal) as you move into your 30s, 40s and 50s and are considering more senior roles or going out on your on to start a business. In this blog post I have adapted the 5 step framework suggested on the Victorian Government’s Career Vic site to help you head in the right direction. Think Bespoke provides Career Consultations to assist with developing a better action plan for your next career move.

Please read the full blog post here and take some time to review or develop your mid career plan.

2. Why Not Taking Holidays May Be Damaging Your Career, Health & Business

I meet too many people, especially men, who have dedicated so much of their energy to their role or business, that they have become disconnected from those around them. Sasha (my husband) and I both run our own businesses and appreciate how consuming this can be. At the end of each holiday (we regularly go camping with our boys) we plan the next adventure. It was my dear Mum who once said to me “A family who plays together, stays together”. I agree. Time together, as well as holidays apart, are a great chance to recharge, reset and be more productive on the other side!

Please read the full blog post here about my deep dive into the hazards of not taking holidays.

3. How to Publish A LinkedIn Article

In How to Publish A LinkedIn Article I share the state of play with publishing on LinkedIn and provide examples of the types of topics you can write about. If you are a leader in your field or have a thought provoking point of view to share, LinkedIn can be a very effective way for you to impact a large audience beyond your current networks.

LinkedIn suggests long-form posts should share your professional expertise. Examples of the types of themes you could discuss are writing about challenges you’ve faced, opportunities you’ve seized, or important trends in your industry. Here are some suggestions to get you started on LinkedIn’s publishing platform:

  • What concrete advice would you give to someone hoping to enter your field?
  • What will (or should) your industry look like in 5, 10, or 15 years and how will it get there?
  • What is the biggest problem your industry needs to solve?
  • What skill is essential in your job or at your company, and why?
  • How has your job, profession or industry changed since you started?
  • What else would you do if you started all over again and why?
  • How did you get your start in your profession?
  • Advice for career advancement.
  • Challenges for the future of your profession.

Please read the full blog post here.

Please share this blog post with the Dads or men in your life who would benefit from reading these insights.