The Connection Between LinkedIn Etiquette and Content Marketing

The reality is that there’s some bad behaviour online that is contrary to the best practice approach I recommend. Being salesy and pushy on LinkedIn can damage your business relationships and your brand. The good news is that there is an alternative!

If Content Marketing is a concept you’d like to learn more about please read this article. If you are new to our blog or have not heard of Think Bespoke, our customised LinkedIn training and coaching is based on effective communication and relationship building principles. We believe in good manners, treating people with respect and leveraging the individual and organisation’s brand strengths. Our approach helps you apply all the truths you know and trust to the digital age.

Think Bespoke’s Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette

In 2014 I created a diagram to describe LinkedIn Etiquette. It was originally featured in a presentation I did for a Melbourne business community and then published in this LinkedIn Article A Content Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette.

linkedin etiquette

This diagram suggests how you can engage with others on LinkedIn via your professional profile and your Company Page. If you have been reluctant to use LinkedIn because you are unsure about how to approach it, there are some general rules of engagement I recommend you follow.

I call these Think Bespoke’s Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette because our approach to LinkedIn is based on building relationships before asking for business. By taking a more strategic approach to how your brand and your team engage with others on LinkedIn, you are creating a more sustainable business model.

This is best understood by considering whether you like being sold to. I’ve presented my LinkedIn insights to 1000s of people. Before presenting to a group, I will often ask one of two questions. The first is for a show of hands from anyone who likes being sold to. Can you guess how many people have raised their hand and said ‘Yes, I like being sold to’? One.

This is why I recommend you don’t use LinkedIn for overt self-promotion. This doesn’t mean you can not promote your services or events, it’s just not ALL you should be doing when you spend time on LinkedIn. This concept applies to social media platforms too and is at the heart of a content marketing strategy that’s based on sharing content that puts your client’s needs and the active endeavour of helping them solve their problems and pain points at the heart of your content.

linkedin etiquette and content marketing

LinkedIn Etiquette for the Organisation

For the organisation, this means the creation of a company page and making a promise to followers about the content they can expect to see when they follow your updates. LinkedIn offers free and paid features as part of the Company Page option. You can also showcase the individual brands within your organisation’s portfolio via Showcase Pages. Learn more about these features via LinkedIn here.

When you use LinkedIn as part of an overall Content Marketing Strategy to attract, acquire, engage and nurture your organisation’s ideal clients, you can amplify your sales and marketing efforts and increase traffic to your website. A Company Page that professionally presents your brand and consistently posts updates that demonstrate the problems your services and/or products solve with value adding content, will attract followers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profiles, updates via these profiles and LinkedIn Articles that consistently position the leaders of your organisation as thought leaders or authorities in their chosen areas of expertise will be a key resource for how you and your organisation are researched and reviewed by potential clients.

By following these principles and Think Bespoke’s Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette you are building a stronger referral base and building an online profile that delivers three core outcomes,


  1. Building trust
  2. Driving traffic to your website, blog or individual team member’s LinkedIn profiles
  3. Encouraging recommendations, by others and for your organisation as a source of genuine value and insight

How LinkedIn Etiquette applies to content marketing

LinkedIn Etiquette for the Individual

For the individual, this means commenting on and liking relevant posts and updates shared by colleagues, contributing in groups when you can add value to the discussion and sharing relevant and insightful content via your LinkedIn profile, either as updates or as LinkedIn Articles. If you’d like to read more about the daily activities I recommend on LinkedIn, please read this article where I share a case study of a client who successfully implemented the customised approach developed for his consultancy.

Find Your Voice, Tell Your Story

I believe your story is your organisation’s unique selling point. By developing a clear understanding of your online voice, sharing your organisation’s story and leveraging the thought leaders within your business you are well on the way to creating a Content Marketing Strategy and leveraging LinkedIn to help build your online presence and grow your business.

And for the second question, I like to ask ‘How would you rate yourself in terms of your comfort with LinkedIn?

1 equals you do not have a LinkedIn Profile and 10 equals “move over Karen and let me run this LinkedIn presentation”!


How would you rate your comfort and approach to LinkedIn?


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