How Content Marketing and Corporate Storytelling Can Help Your Brand

If you are new to the concept of Content Marketing, today I’m sharing my insights on how this approach has helped my clients and how it can help you too. I’m not the first to write about content marketing, and I certainly will not be the last. I view it as a philosophical approach to how you choose to engage online. In this Content Marketing Institute article, The History of Content Marketing, you can take a much deeper dive into this concept and how it may apply to your business. This is written by Joe Pulizzi, arguably one of the global leaders in Content Marketing.

At a more local level, I was first introduced to the concept of content marketing when I heard Cas McCullough speak in 2012. Cas is a 2016 Content Marketing Awards Finalist, a Social Media Examiner and Mamamia contributor and describes herself as a Start Up Techpreneur and Author. She is also a Content Marketing Coach and Mentor and you can read her blog about content marketing here. She believes so strongly in the power of content marketing, that it’s led her to establish a tech start up to assist others with their blogging. Cas has a great story which I encourage you to read here.

Why Content Marketing works for Think Bespoke

As a strategic thinker I need to have a purpose for spending time using most online tools. The only exception to this rule is Pinterest, where I can get lost for hours due to my love of photography. This platform aside, time spent on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is part of an overall content marketing strategy to attract, acquire and engage potential (and referring) clients to Think Bespoke’s services. If we are yet to meet, I am the founder of Think Bespoke.

With a Content Marketing strategy in place for Think Bespoke since meeting Cas, this began to influence my community and previous colleagues began to reach out to me on LinkedIn, having read my blog posts and LinkedIn articles, or applied the insights from my practical online and face to face workshops. With an international network of connections on LinkedIn and a strong track record working in leadership roles in sales and marketing for global brands, it makes sense that I would leverage my network and relationships. And this is a key element of how content marketing can amplify your sales and marketing plan. For Think Bespoke, this has meant that past and current colleagues and clients, who watch my career and business journey from the sidelines, actively refer their friends and family to Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn and Personal Branding services.

How Content Marketing has Helped Our Clients

how content marketing and corporate story telling help your brand

Think Bespoke helps individuals and organisations reach their full potential by helping you maximise your time online. Examples of how we help our clients include:

  • developing LinkedIn and Personal Branding strategies
  • creating Professional LinkedIn profile updates
  • providing customised LinkedIn training
  • writing and delivering online learning
  • ghost writing and co-writing for LinkedIn Articles and Blogs

For some clients we also help them develop their content marketing strategy, and for a select few we also manage and write their blogs, LinkedIn articles and social media content plans for them.

While some say the results of content marketing are difficult to measure, we use two key metrics to demonstrate the success of our best practice approach.

  1. Quantitative Measures – we track website traffic and conversion goals via Google analytics to measure the referral traffic from LinkedIn and social media platforms and the conversions achieved (e.g. newsletter sign ups, online survey completions, etc).
  2. Qualitative Measures – this is the feedback we receive from our clients who tell us there is a ‘tipping point’ they experience after around 3-6 months of consistent content marketing. Comments such as ‘I know it’s making a difference’, ‘I’ve had clients and colleagues comment on the increased professionalism and value of our content’ and ‘We’ve had the biggest year ever’ are some examples of what our clients have told us as a result of developing and then consistently implementing our tailored content marketing approach.

content marketing and corporate story telling

The Role of Corporate Storytelling

Our strategies are always developed in conjunction with the HR, People & Culture, Marketing or Digital Communication decision makers within our client’s businesses and based on a deep dive into their organisational culture, their goals, the development of their brand and leader’s voice and the careful crafting of relevant storylines and narratives that will help them stay top of mind, referred and recommended within and beyond their business and personal networks. Often this is in the Business to Business (B2B) and professional services space and may be for clients in Melbourne or across Australia.

Here’s what one of our client’s Business Managers says about this approach. Interestingly, Michele first found me on Instagram, not LinkedIn. This client’s team has implemented my suggested strategy and been invited by a LinkedIn Editor to have their Principal Director’s LinkedIn Articles featured in the ‘popular and trending’ content on LinkedIn in the Project Management category. This will extend his reach on LinkedIn well beyond his connections, and further cement this Australian consultancy as one of the leaders in their area of expertise.

I discovered Karen after Insta-stalking her for 3 months, and am I glad I did!

Working with Karen for the last few months has been an eye opening experience for me both professionally and personally. Initially I asked Karen for help regarding LinkedIn. I was about to tackle the beast as part of my new role and had not actually used it in great detail before…only heard of it’s power. I soon realised, with Karen’s help, that while there was more to it, like I thought, it was not actually that scary. She broke it down for me into weekly tasks and set me on my way.

Do I have all the answers now…Yes, and No, but that’s the best thing – Karen has provided me with the skills to get all the answers for myself. I look forward to my monthly catch up meetings with Karen as she continues to guide me through a marketing strategy, tweaking things here and there, while I find my feet.

Amazing person to work with and HIGHLY recommended.

Michele Justin, Business Support Manager, Mindavation

When you use LinkedIn and social media as part of an overall Content Marketing Strategy that targets your ideal clients, positions you as a thought leader or authority in your chosen areas of expertise and demonstrates the problems you solve, you are building a stronger referral base and building an online profile that is trustworthy, will get viewed and recommended to others as a source of genuine value and insight.