Facebook Live Interview: How to Prepare for the Future of Work

For those of you who follow Think Bespoke’s Facebook page, you may have tuned into my recent Facebook live interview with Marina Pitisano, Letz Create. With the surge of video content, I’ve been thinking about how I can share my insights with Think Bespoke’s community using this format.

As a content marketer, it is important that the information I do share with you adds value to your professional journey and shares genuine insights. Not just video, for the sake of video. I will always remember the advice of Alli Price, Motivating Mum, who took me through my first ever Facebook training at my local library in Carnegie (way back when). She suggested that if you are thinking about offering a new service to your clients, and want some feedback, use platforms like Facebook to ask people what they are interested in learning about.

Karen Hollenbach, Think Bespoke

Deciding to take Alli’s advice, I went live on Facebook and Instagram and asked my community what sorts of things they would like to hear from me in terms of LinkedIn and career tips. Some of the initial feedback asked for LinkedIn case studies and examples of how people use LinkedIn in their business and career to achieve their results. It was also suggested by Alecia Minster, Girl Bosses Australia, who tuned in when I was live on Instagram, to plan and promote the live broadcasts in advance. She suggested to let people know via Facebook and Instagram updates when you are planning to go live, to ask for questions leading up to the scheduled live broadcast and to answer these questions in the live broadcast.

Collaborations are the Key to Business & Career Growth

While Alecia’s suggestions all made perfect sense, there was still the broad discomfort I felt about going live for an extended period via Think Bespoke’s Facebook page. It’s not so much that I am uncomfortable speaking (as I guest speak in front of large groups often and run a monthly LinkedIn online seminar series for Business), it was more that I value being able to have a conversation and share genuine insight for my community.

What to do?


What is the future of work in Australia?

As I was thinking about how to approach this, I was also due to catch up with Marina Pitisano, Letz Create. Marina is a Career Practitioner and we moderate an online community, Career Grow, on Facebook. This is an initiative we set up last year as a result of the work Marina and I both do with our clients and the fun we have together. Career Grow is a private Facebook group where Marina and I provide professional development for Australian professionals. Marina and I share our insights and tips on how to have the courage to have difficult conversations and take risks, and how to access the tools to develop their personal brand. Marina’s specialty is helping people navigate the difficult conversations in their workplace and exploring your career options, my speciality is helping you develop your personal brand online.

What does Success Look Like for You?

Traditional industries and career choices are being disrupted and how we define success can be challenged. At a time when there is so much change, it is essential that we are all focussed on what drives and motivates us as individuals, because being successful and ‘rich’ relates so much more to happiness and personal satisfaction, rather than just status, money and what you earn. I only learnt this lesson after having children, when flexible work options became critical to me participating in my children’s lives.

When Marina and I are together we have fun. We both care deeply about helping people live a life they love, and know that a lot of the time your biggest competition is you. So it felt comfortable and logical to invite Marina into a conversation on Facebook live to explore the most common question we are both asked, which is ‘what will work look like in the future’?

I believe we need more robust discussions about your plans, goals and fears. It is these types of conversations that form the basis of how you can live the life you’ve imagined. By re-thinking your approach to career and business, you can achieve your goals faster. You are capable of great things, but do you know what you need to do to get there?


The Future of Work

We did it! We went live and we had a great chat about the future of work and the 5 key growth areas. We talked about the importance of collaboration, innovation, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, human connections, robotics, and coffee. We had people join us, and it was so much fun. But what’s important – did it help others? We hope so, and I will continue to share my insights with you ‘interview style’ via Facebook (and even Instagram Live), both with Marina and some of the other clever kookaburras in my community who can help your business and career journey.

Here’s Marina and I discussing the Future of Work. Please check back in and let me know what you think.