Learn How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

I normally write blog posts with helpful insights on how to use LinkedIn, but today I want to tell you about a very affordable online seminar series to help you up-skill and begin your LinkedIn journey with one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn Consultants, me! To understand why I am qualified to say this, please read this article.

I’d like you to consider investing in my online seminar series. These were run monthly earlier this year and are a convenient and affordable way to access my LinkedIn insights for business.

If we haven’t met, hello! I’m Karen Hollenbach and my approach on LinkedIn is best suited to values based professionals who genuinely want to help their community and make the world a better place. You’re confident you can get more from LinkedIn for yourself and your clients, but you don’t know where to start.

To unlock the power of LinkedIn for business you first need to understand the key relationship building and content marketing principles Think Bespoke (my company) uses to teach Australian professionals how to grow their business and confidence with LinkedIn.

You’ve done your research and know that you need to spend more time on LinkedIn. You’ve realised that LinkedIn requires more attention after reading the widely reported statistic that LinkedIn delivers nearly 3 x the sales conversion of social media platforms (Hubspot Study).

LinkedIn is a critical business touch point that requires focus and a strategy and, with daily rituals, can help you attract, acquire, engage and nurture more clients and customers.

Use LinkedIn to:

  • Expand your network
  • Raise awareness of your brand and business
  • Establish your personal brand within and beyond your industry
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader
  • Amplify your sales and marketing strategy

social media training, learning linkedin for businessWhat You Will Learn about LinkedIn for Business

At these 1 hour online seminars you will learn how to navigate LinkedIn in the following areas:

  • How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
  • How to Brand Yourself & Your Business on LinkedIn
  • How to Network & Generate Leads on LinkedIn
  • How to Maximise LinkedIn with Daily Rituals
  • How to Leverage LinkedIn Articles for Leads

My approach is practical and down to earth and designed for business owners, communications managers, digital marketers, copywriters and social media managers who want to learn LinkedIn and add it to their repertoire of business skills. You can take the insights I share during these online seminars and apply them to your LinkedIn Profile and daily LinkedIn activity.

To find out more, please visit the seminar series page here.


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As a storyteller, I help quieter and thoughtful folk communicate better online (and offline). I enjoy the complexity of people and helping others through my coaching, training and online courses.

Some know me as a Career Coach, for others I am a LinkedIn Specialist Trainer and Executive Business Coach. I thrive on variety as well as the opportunity to spend quiet time with my family, and writing.

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