7 Steps to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Followers

You’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and have 6 followers. What next?

Many organisations have created a LinkedIn Company Page, but have a limited number of followers, feel pressure from LinkedIn to pay for advertising (which they’ve heard is quite expensive relative to other paid advertising options) and are not sure which direction to take.

Here are my 7 simple steps to help you grow your followers. Remember, growing your followers takes time and will build faster if you implement these steps and regularly, consistently post content that’s relevant and adds value to your community.

1. Develop a One Line Promise to Your Followers

Unlike the early days of social media, people are much more discerning about the companies they will follow online. It is therefore essential that you inform potential followers what they can expect from following your page. Consider what topics and news you will curate for your followers.

Here’s Think Bespoke’s promise:
‘For LinkedIn tips and insights to assist your career and business, please follow Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Company Page’.

Your promise should inform the content you post. And please remember to post content from other sources, not just your own. This is a fundamental rule of content marketing and a step often missed by organisations keen to get there message out there on LinkedIn. The goal is to add value to your followers and remain top of mind and a source of useful information in their newsfeed.

2. Add LinkedIn logo & LinkedIn Company Page link to your Website

Use the link to your company page or the embed codes provided by LinkedIn to feature the LinkedIn icon on your website. You can visit the LinkedIn developer site to point your website developer to this feature.

3. Add Company Page link to your email signature

If you have the ability to tailor your email signature you can add the LinkedIn icon to your email signature which can then direct people to your company page. For my email signature I direct people to my LinkedIn Profile and my Company Page with two separate icons.

4. Promote your LinkedIn Company Page on your Social Media Channels

Each month I add a visual to my other channels with my LinkedIn Company Page link, inviting my community to follow Think Bespoke on LinkedIn. Here’s an example of a recent tweet via Think Bespoke’s Twitter account.

We make a simple promise about what to expect from following us and include the link to Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Company page.

5. Provide a news item in your newsletter asking people to follow

If you send regular emails or email newsletters to your database, this is a great way to attract followers to your company page. Inform your community you have a LinkedIn Company Page in your next update. When current clients or professionals who know your organisation follow you, they are more likely to engage with your content, especially if you are featuring updates that feature photos of your team.

When members like or comment on your Company Page updates all of their connections will see this (assuming they are on LinkedIn during that time) and this will increase awareness of your company page. It also has creates the potential to secure more followers.

6. Invite people who connect with you on LinkedIn to follow your Company Page

When I train clients on how to leverage LinkedIn we explore the concept of rituals via messaging. One of these rituals is sending a return message to new connections and inviting them to like your company page. Many of the organisations I have trained on LinkedIn have embedded this step as LinkedIn protocol.

7. Share your LinkedIn Company Page on your LinkedIn Profile as a post once a month

This is a step I encourage all key team members to do in order to attract more followers to your Company Page.

Simply copy the company page link from the desktop (you can not get it via the phone) and post an update inviting your connections to like the page.

You can also tag the company page in this update by writing @ before typing in your company page name.

I also recommend you upload your organisation’s logo if the link does not provide a visual from your company page.

I hope these insights have been helpful. Please check back in and let me know how you go.

And if you have any questions, please ask.

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