What’s Your Story?

For those of you connected with me on LinkedIn, or if you follow Think Bespoke on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen a new photo pop up of me, thanks to the handy work of Zaharoula Harris, Corporate Headshots Melbourne. Zaharoula and I have known each other for some time and is one of the key photographers I recommend for corporate headshots. Her specialty is putting you at ease, and bringing the real you to the personal branding session, so you actually enjoy the process of having your photo taken (which I traditionally have not!). Zaharoula regularly writes on LinkedIn Pulse, and wrote a piece recently about our journey together, which she has given me permission to share with you below.


Meet the lovely Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke, who I have been working closely with over the last couple of months to improve Corporate Headshots Melbourne‘s presence on LinkedIn.

Our journey began at a networking event and we have kept in contact since 2012. We have nurtured our businesses over those years, by building trust and authenticity; hearing each other’s stories; seeing how we can help the people seeking our services and making real connections, listening and manifesting. Since we both hold similar values, our connection together as entrepreneurial women just keeps getting stronger.

To achieve long lasting relationships through our customers, you have to build that trust and it takes time.

A few months back Karen experienced a Personal Branding Session with us and had a fabulous photo shoot with us and Karen felt what my clients feel when we photograph them; AMAZING! We lead them every step of the way. Karen’s favourite image is the first one shown above (and mine is the second one).

Last month, I personally had a 1:1 consultation with Karen (my team are next) and it just blew my mind. We have a lot more work to do on LinkedIn but it’s all about THE STORY, connecting with your target audience and people connecting with YOUR story or the company’s story and seeing a NEED with what we have to offer, that in turn can help improve their business.

Now I would love to introduce you all to the lovely and vivacious Karen. Karen is an ambivert who helps introverts, self confessed luddites and technophobes communicate better on line. She enjoys the complexity of people and helping others through her coaching, training and on line courses. Some know her as a Career Coach, for others she is a LinkedIn Specialist Trainer. Absolutely LOVE this lady’s energy, her values and authenticity, similar values to myself and most importantly the way we take care of our clients.

Without our amazing clients we have no business to run.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

Chief Photographer at www.corporateheadshotsmelbourne.com.au

Nurture those relationships with your clients and your connections.