LinkedIn Specialist Training for Business Success

My journey with using LinkedIn has taught me so much about how to find my voice and tell my story as a business owner, how to network with referrers and potential clients, and how to curate blog posts from my website and share content to Think Bespoke’s company page to attract, acquire and engage my business community on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for business networking and one of the first places (along with your website, depending on what people find online about you first) where potential clients will evaluate you and decide whether you and your organisation’s services are suitable to their business and current needs. Most business owners understand this, and yet, can get caught up in the day to day of their business, continually moving ‘time on LinkedIn’ to the next day or week’s to do list!

If I am describing you, then it is time to invest in some professional development to help you learn how to better navigate your time on LinkedIn to help you achieve your business goals.

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

If you have LinkedIn on your to do list and it keeps getting bumped by other more urgent tasks, I have designed and regularly run a workshop that will help you better understand how to use LinkedIn in just 2 hours.

Here are some examples of how you can use LinkedIn for your business:

  • Expand your network
  • Research competitors
  • Research potential clients
  • Position yourself as a thought leader / expert in your industry
  • Convert new clients to your services / products

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What People Say About My LinkedIn Business Success Training

I’ve trained and coached 100s of business owners on how to use LinkedIn more effectively to get results. Here’s some of the feedback from this 2 hour intensive workshop.


Great workshop! I learnt so much and I feel much more confident navigating my way around LinkedIn and making better use of the platform. I am definitely going to start applying what I learnt to my LinkedIn profile.

I liked the structure, and the fact that there was some flexibility. I liked the way Karen used examples and thought her explanations were very clear.

I liked that you used your live account and showed us in real time how it works with your tips along the way.

Diverse group of people providing feedback. Gives you confidence that there are others in the same position as you. You spoke well Karen.

LinkedIn specialist training melbourne

LinkedIn Business Success Training Workshop

This workshop was run In July and November and is being released as 4 online Masterclass modules. We’ll start by looking at the benefits and features of LinkedIn, then review your LinkedIn Profile and how to transform some of the key features so it’s more relevant to your ideal clients and your business goals. You’ll be given handy checklists, reference guides, practical tools and bonus resources that you can use to help you refresh your profile and network much more effectively on LinkedIn.

My approach to LinkedIn is thoughtful and respectful and will teach you how to accelerate your business success with LinkedIn, at your own pace. The practical resources include video that go live on LinkedIn where I show you exactly how I use it to help me achieve my business goals.

My method of writing profiles and navigating LinkedIn is the best way to increase your confidence so you can actively use LinkedIn to network with current and future clients!

This workshop is the LinkedIn for Business Roadmap that will build and raise your online presence. It will give you:

  • Best practice examples
  • Step by step instructions
  • The knowledge to refresh your LinkedIn Profile to transform your results
  • The Networking Guide for what to do on LinkedIn to maximise your time online
  • Best practice tips for LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Best practice tips for LinkedIn Publishing


If you would like to know more about my online learning programs, please register for my monthly e-insights to be the first to access the pre-release for these online Masterclass modules.

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As an ambivert who helps introverts, self confessed luddites & technophobes communicate better online, I enjoy the complexity of people and helping others through my coaching, training and online courses. Some know me as a Career Coach, for others I am a LinkedIn Specialist Trainer and Executive Business Coach. I thrive on variety as well as the opportunity to spend quiet time with my family, and writing. You can subscribe to my newsletter here where you will receive regular insights to assist your career and business.

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