LinkedIn Specialist Training for Career Success

My journey with LinkedIn began when I was on a 6 month Executive Outplacement with Right Management. I had chosen a redundancy and was exploring my next career move. At the time, LinkedIn was just starting to emerge as a tool for jobseekers, and I was informed that I needed to make sure my profile was up to date and I was connected with everyone I had ever worked with and knew. This advice still holds true today. While LinkedIn has since added Pulse, Lynda, Slideshare and many other features that also make it attractive to businesses, it is still the number one place to find your next job. To hear more about how this redundancy helped my career change, please read this blog post.


How to Use LinkedIn for Your Next Career Move

LinkedIn is often mistaken as a social media platform. While it is a great place to attract, acquire and engage your business community, it began as a platform for job seekers and is part of the reason the recruitment industry has experienced so much change over recent times. The good news for job seekers (or those starting to think about their next career move), is that if you take your profile on LinkedIn seriously, then it could be the tool that helps you find your next job!

Here are some examples of how you can use LinkedIn for your career:

1. Present the Best Version of You (via your LinkedIn profile)

If you are thinking about making your next career move and want it to be the right one, then you need to use LinkedIn to present the best version of you online!

2. Research Your Opportunities

LinkedIn is an amazing resource for researching individuals, prospective employers and industry information. When you have developed a profile of the type of organization you want to work for or a list of target companies, you can use LinkedIn to find a great deal of useful information. You can use the Advanced Search feature to look for people by name, location, keyword, title, school and company.

3. Download the LinkedIn Job Search App

I also recommend you download the LinkedIn Job Search App to your phone or device to ensure you are actively looking for and saving advertised roles which you can apply for via LinkedIn.


If you have LinkedIn on your to do list and it keeps getting bumped by other more urgent tasks, I have designed and regularly run a workshop that will help you better understand how to use LinkedIn in just 2 hours.

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What People Say About My LinkedIn Career Success Training

I’ve trained and coached 100s of people on how to use LinkedIn more effectively to get results. Here’s some of the feedback from this 2 hour intensive workshop.


Great workshop! I learnt so much and I feel much more confident navigating my way around LinkedIn and making better use of the platform. I am definitely going to start applying what I learnt to my LinkedIn profile.

I liked the structure, and the fact that there was some flexibility. I liked the way Karen used examples and thought her explanations were very clear.

I liked that you used your live account and showed us in real time how it works with your tips along the way.

Diverse group of people providing feedback. Gives you confidence that there are others in the same position as you. You spoke well Karen.

linkedin specialist career training Melbourne

LinkedIn Career Success Training Workshop

In this workshop we’ll start by looking at your LinkedIn Profile and how to transform some of the key features so it’s more relevant to future employers and your career goals. You’ll be given a number of easy to follow guides and practical tools that you can use after the workshop to help you refresh your profile and do job searches on LinkedIn.

This is an interactive 2 hour workshop that will teach you how to accelerate your career success with LinkedIn. I will go live onto LinkedIn and show you how you can use it to help you achieve your career goals.

My method of writing profiles and navigating LinkedIn is the best way to increase your confidence so you can actively use LinkedIn to network with recruiters and potential employers on LinkedIn.

This workshop will give you:

  • best practice examples
  • step by step instructions
  • how to write a LinkedIn Profile with purpose
  • the road map for what to do each day on LinkedIn to maximise your results

Event Details


Thursday 18th October

5.00 – 7.00 pm

Eastern Innovation Business Centre

5 Hartnett Close, Mulgrave, 3170

Early bird Ticket Price: $150

Full Ticket Price (from 1st October): $198

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