How to Get Serious About Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you suffer from LinkedInitis? This is a common condition where you have set up a basic LinkedIn profile and are not really sure what to do next! You’ve received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, set up the basic information while waiting at the airport or at an appointment and perhaps even dropped some of the details of your resume into your profile to make it look more complete. The good news is that you are not alone and I have developed a cost effective and transformative treatment that will help you present the best version of yourself on LinkedIn!

How can LinkedIn Help Me?

For job seekers or professionals considering their next career move, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can deliver you great return when you focus on what you want for your career. A well written profile and regular time spent on LinkedIn will help you get results from engaging with colleagues (past and present), recruiters, referral partners and potential clients (or employers).

For business owners, especially if you target B2B or professional clients and are wishing to develop a stronger content marketing plan, LinkedIn offers a number of ways for you and your business to attract, acquire and engage your business community by publishing posts on Pulse and adopting best practice examples for Company Pages.

Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume, and is a less formal way to present your background, skills and experience. It should be written in the first person and gives people a chance to get a sense of the whole professional you and what others say about you.

When I was first introduced to LinkedIn during my executive outplacement program in 2008, it was very much positioned as a platform for job hunters. While it now has a number of other functions for thought leaders and organisation’s in the B2B space, it is an invaluable tool to secure your next career move or client. In Australia, 4 out of 5 professionals are now on LinkedIn, and this is increasing daily. In recent reports, the latest number of LinkedIn members worldwide is over 415 million people!

Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Profile Update

There’s lots you can do on LinkedIn and the first place to start is to update your profile properly so that you can present the best version of you online. Because LinkedIn is such a large platform with so many members, company pages, articles and activity each second it is likely that when someone googles your name, the first thing that will come up in the search is your LinkedIn profile! Unless of course you have an active social life and post lots of photos of yourself and are tagged on social media platforms . . .

So if you’d like to better control the information people can find out about you online, or are a really private person and want the ONLY information people can find out about you online to be controlled by you and focussed on the professional aspects of your life, our LinkedIn services will help!

LinkedIn Profile Update

LinkedIn Profile Update $395