Blending Networking Online & Face to Face

I believe everything is sweetened by risk.

How this concept applies to my business networking activities is that I choose to regularly attend face to face business networking (and even speed networking) events across Melbourne and take my own unique approach to ensuring these help my professional and business growth.


What I Have Learnt About Myself & Networking

As an ambivert, which is something I discovered I am after reading Susan Cain’s, Quiet, (find out what you are here) I feel a low level of discomfort when I am required to introduce myself and talk about Think Bespoke’s services to total strangers. I have learnt that for ‘passion projects’ (as described by Cain, in Quiet), I am prepared to step outside my comfort zone. I now believe (and have learnt about myself) that where there is discomfort, there is also often growth. This is certainly the case when I consider the wonderful people I have met and business relationships, and friendships, I have developed as a result of face to face networking.


How to Blend Online & Face to Face Networking

It is the deep knowledge of Linkedin and networking skills I have developed, and now train others to apply and use, that has enabled me to get maximum value from these face to face interactions. Online networking via LinkedIn, both via my profile, private messaging and Think Bespoke’s company page on LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool to help me grow a base of referrers and clients.  My approach is founded on Content Marketing principles and my goal is to attract, acquire and engage my community online (often after meeting them first at an event, or face to face).

I am a little bit ‘old school’ (a term I affectionately use to describe an approach that may not be new, but is is tested, proven, and works) and I value face to face interactions, private conversations and getting to know what makes people tick. It is for this reason that networking online via LinkedIn works so well for me. I take a tailored and genuine approach.

My main focus is B2B individuals and organisations, so I spend most of my online time on LinkedIn. You will sometimes find me on Facebook too (often because others ‘tag’ me into posts). I see many solopreneurs and small businesses spending lots of time on Facebook for their business. While I personally find this platform a little bit invasive, I understand that due to the power of adding ‘friends’ to groups and events, it is also a popular choice for some business owners.


Small Business Festival Victoria Event

Kerryn Powell, Your Time Matters, and I are joining forces as co-hosts for the Small Business Festival in August to help you learn how to blend online and face to face networking. Kerryn and I met through face to face business networking and have collaborated on a number of projects over the past few years. We both understand and value the role of networking to build relationships and grow your business and have designed this workshop for Melbourne business owners who are looking to get more from their networking efforts.

At a time when there is more pressure to network at business events AND get online, business owners need to know how to blend their online and offline efforts to get results! This practical and insightful session is a unique opportunity to learn how to combine the value of face to face and online networking to help grow your leads and nurture referrals in a fast paced, ever changing environment.


What you can expect from this workshop:

This workshop will help you build on proven face-to-face networking principles and show you how to blend these with the most powerful professional networking platform in the world, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn does not replace the need to network face to face, it enhances and complements it. The concepts we will explore are much like face to face networking, but online.

You will have time to interact and discuss with others, hear how they network and share your experience and knowledge to move your business forward.

You will walk away from this session with a much deeper understanding of:

  • How to network offline and online to get into more conversations that can convert to sales and business opportunities
  • Networking for sustainable business growth versus transactional selling
  • How to communicate and network with confidence and authenticity
  • The importance of relationships for referrals

This event is part of the Small Business Victoria Festival and is hosted by Your Time Matters and Think Bespoke.

Non refundable tickets.


Event Details

Wednesday 17th August

4.30 – 7.00pm

Woodlands Golf Club

109 White Street, Mordialloc

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Ticket Price: $45

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LinkedIn Training with Think Bespoke

If you would like to up-skill your communications, marketing or sales team on how to maximise LinkedIn, Think Bespoke can tailor our training and coaching to your individual or organisational needs. We’ll teach you how to leverage LinkedIn so you can maximise your time and achieve greater success.

If you’d prefer to outsource LinkedIn, we provide organisations with content management services for your LinkedIn Company Page, including image and post creation for publishing on LinkedIn Pulse and via your website’s blog. Our team is based in Melbourne and we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering best practice content marketing for the Australian market.

Start with a review of your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page and we’ll help you develop a strategy to better leverage LinkedIn.
As the Founder of Think Bespoke, Karen Hollenbach has successfully built and grown a professional community that helps individuals and organisations maximise LinkedIn. Formally trained with a Bachelor of Business, Marketing, Karen is a Registered Teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), a Certified Trainer and has extensive experience training and coaching high performance teams and facilitating formal business training programs.

Karen’s personal mantra is Ghandi’s, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and she enjoys training and coaching individuals and organisations to think about why they do what they do. She encourages clients to believe in themselves, confidently go after their dreams and leverage the online tools around them.

Thank you for reading Think Bespoke’s insights. As one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn specialists and a Content Marketer who understands the value and importance of sharing your story, I enjoy helping individuals and organisations maximise their time online with LinkedIn. Find out more about Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Services. You can sign up to my newsletter here where you will receive a complimentary download of Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Profile Checklist to help you update your LinkedIn Profile.