How Much Do You Love Your Work?

by Jane Robotham

The Role of Work in Your Life

Work. It’s the one thing most of us have to get up to do each day. We spend almost a third of our life doing it. Even those fortunate enough to be living off residual income still have to check bank accounts, shift money around and attend the daily aspects of living life. We all still have to do the basics – shop for food, cook, sleep, juggle our own personal needs with the needs around us. It doesn’t matter if your work is unpaid; such as home duties, stay at home parenting or volunteering. It is irrelevant if you are a garbage collector (no judgement intended) or you are a highly paid corporate executive or business owner.


What matters is whether you enjoy what you do.

For many of us, our work life can be a bit like being on remote control; one day rolls into the next, with little joy, engagement or fulfilment.

  • Do you come home loving most days?
  • Do you feel happy and comfortable with the energy you have invested, the outcomes you are achieving and the relationships you encounter along the way?
  • Do you feel what you are doing is a true representation of your gifts, your talents or your vision for the future?
  • Do you feel that you are in charge of your daily experiences, or is it the other way around?
  • Do you yearn to work in such a way that leaves you feeling empowered, at ease and comfortable with your contribution when you walk out the door? From the day I turned 15 and started to think about a career I was lucky enough to know I wanted to be a nurse. I set about training after school and loved every minute of it. I had found my calling.


Navigating A Career Change

After several years of working in major hospitals, affected by strike action, low patient to nurse ratios and poor morale across the board, I found myself taking sickies and feeling less motivated to turn up to work. My love of nursing work had diminished. Most colleagues around me also held the view that they are overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. This made it hard to continue to enjoy my daily work – my reason for becoming a nurse in the first place.

I spent many years trying to work out how I could “get out of nursing.’’

Until now.

After making a decision that I would eventually change careers about 5 years ago, and training in the field of personal change coaching, I set my energy into turning my daily nursing work (that was sustaining me in the interim) into an experience that I found comfortable and enjoyable – until I could afford to walk away. However, I was not expecting the outcome that came my way!

By reprogramming my brain to relieve the common discomforts I was experiencing working in the field, I have been able to completely change my enjoyment of the profession. Using visualisations to dissolve the fears, doubts, frustrations and inner imbalances I have been able to decide exactly what I want from this work right now, and I have slowly and surely seen it eventuate.


Turn Your Work into Good Work

I now happily choose to balance my coaching work with part-time nursing work. I truly love my work in both fields equally. The techniques I used to achieve this outcome are now thankfully available to all via an amazing resource. “The Good Work Book” by Suzie St George and Fiona McDougall.



This book explores the need for good work in separate, stand-alone topics, which can be used intuitively by deciding on which techniques are relevant to your concerns at the time. Practiced with precision, these tools are very powerful – leaving this cutting edge manual of basic brain reprogramming techniques to help you integrate Good Work principles into the ways you go about any kind of work at the time.

If you are looking to love your work, if you yearn to turn up each day and leave feeling good about the experiences held within your current role, whether it is your ultimate job or not, then this book is the way to go! Turn your work into GOOD WORK.


Love What You Do

If you’ve had a Career Consultation with Karen Hollenbach, Think Bespoke’s Founding Director, then you will know that her focus is on encouraging you to tune in to what brings you joy. She encourages you to consider your audacious dreams for your life. She won’t tell you it’s going to be easy. In fact, she will tell you that nothing worth having is easy to get! During these sessions, she may notice that there is something in the way that you speak or share your story that indicates you or your thoughts are holding you back. And that’s when she’ll often recommend you come and see me! While you can have the best career action plan developed with you by Think Bespoke’s team, you need to do the work on your mindset if this is holding you back.





Jane Robotham is a passionate and motivating Keynote Speaker, Positive Change Facilitator and Wellness Coach who helps individuals manage the daily challenges they face living in a busy world. Jane’s business, Soul Clarity, provides coaching, events, retreats and services to suit those who are seeking the skills to take charge of their life and enjoy greater happiness.