How To Measure Success on LinkedIn

A common question I am asked from people who are wishing to be more active on LinkedIn due to success stories they hear from others is ‘How do you measure your success on LinkedIn?’ This is a great question to ask before you invest your time in anything!

There are some important points I’d like to make about LinkedIn and some of the social media platforms I leverage for Think Bespoke, before I share some examples of how you can measure success on LinkedIn for your business or career.

  • LinkedIn is primarily a networking platform (versus a social media platform) and is reported by a number of digital marketing commentators as being more effective for B2B than B2C business conversion.
  • Business Owners: I believe you need to have a hero platform, that is one platform (either LinkedIn or a social media channel) you choose as the primary place to engage with your community. Don’t spread yourself too thin!

If you are considering spending more time on LinkedIn, either for your business or career, I have included below how my team and I measure our success on LinkedIn to help you better understand how LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals.

LinkedIn Profile:

  • Follower growth (if you publish posts on LinkedIn Pulse)
  • Number of views (profile and LinkedIn Pulse posts)
  • Number of invitations to connect
  • Conversion to sale from invitations to connect
  • Conversations started from networking on LinkedIn
  • Traffic to Think Bespoke’s website

LinkedIn Company Page:

  • Follower growth
  • Engagement (via LinkedIn analytics), including impressions, likes and shares
  • Traffic to Think Bespoke’s website

The Importance of Content Marketing Reviews

When I first heard about the concept of content marketing, ideal clients and creating a space online for people to engage with my business (and me), I was sceptical too. Since I first started publishing on LinkedIn, I have written 34 posts via LinkedIn Pulse and now have 1620 followers. LinkedIn continues to be the platform where I am most often referred, read and followed. Interestingly, it is Think Bespoke’s activity on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, that continues to drive traffic to my website too. I know this because I track it via google analytics and track the performance of Think Bespoke’s content across all platforms each month to inform future content planning.


How To Decide Your Hero or Primary Platform

For business owners, I suggest you consider what you and / or your business want to be known for and have a clear understanding of your ideal client and who you are trying to influence when online. Once you know this, it is relatively easy to choose whether LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blab, Periscope, Youtube or other platforms should be your primary or hero platform.

A secondary consideration, which is only a factor for you to consider if you plan to manage your own LinkedIn company page or social media business pages, is thinking about the platforms you are used to and already understand how to navigate. Having some familiarity with the platform and how people engage on it is an advantage for self managed business accounts.

You can also consider up-skilling, if you want to become more familiar with how to navigate these platforms for business.

In cases where you either outsource the management of your LinkedIn presence and social media management to a service provider or have a team member do it for you, it is less important that you are familiar with the platform.

I am always keen to show my clients how to network on the platform after we’ve published their LinkedIn Pulse articles or posted their content on their business LinkedIn company page. In cases where I manage the online presence for my clients it is because they wish to focus on their core business and employ a specialist to manage their LinkedIn presence.


Decide For Yourself

When I speak to business owners who’ve been tentative about investing in a content marketing plan or social strategy, their reason is often because they are unsure how it will contribute to their bottom line.

I am very thankful to have had the foresight to invest in a content marketing plan for Think Bespoke. I am also grateful that I invested in my team’s focus on testing and measuring Think Bespoke’s results (which includes measuring website conversion goals via google analytics). This has helped us develop a process for helping clients measure the results from their LinkedIn and social media activities.

With the results I continue to achieve with lead generation via Think Bespoke’s approach to LinkedIn and content management, we also offer social strategy and content management services (content creation, sourcing, scheduling and analysis) to clients to help them leverage this opportunity for their business too.

I hope my insights have helped you understand how you can measure success on LinkedIn (and beyond) and that it moves you closer to understanding the power of social selling.