Handy Tips To Help You Leverage LinkedIn

I believe there’s plenty of work out there for everyone, and when I see people doing something well (whether it’s a Melbourne business that works in my industry or beyond), I am always keen to cheer them from the sidelines. It has been this approach that has led me to a number of key collaborations this year, including the opportunity to be part of the next Girl Boss Australia Coalition.


Girl Bosses Australia is an initiative led by Alecia Minster, which initially began as an Instagram magazine. With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, it’s developed into face to face ‘coalitions’ and now also has a member directory via the Girl Boss Australia website.


I’ve been invited to speak about LinkedIn at the next Girl Boss Coalition on Sunday 17th April, in Melbourne at The Deck, in Brighton. In the lead up to this event, I’ve been sharing a weekly LinkedIn tip via the Girl Bosses instagram account.


Handy Tips to Help You Leverage LinkedIn

Please find below the first of 3 of my 6 tips to help you leverage LinkedIn. Please follow the Girl Boss Australia Instagram account to read the next 3!

#LinkedInProfilePicture #SayCheese

LinkedIn Tip: Present the best version of your professional self by investing in a photographer who will put you at ease and capture a photo that gives people a sense of who you are and what you want to be known for.
Perfecting Your Profile Picture is a must because first impressions count! People do business with people they know, like and trust and so your profile picture is a great opportunity to be you!


#FindYourVoice #TellYourStory

LinkedIn Tip: Taking the time to consider who you are trying to influence and focussing on these clients when you write your LinkedIn Profile is a powerful way to build your confidence and clarify why you do what you do!

People want to know your story and understand your why. Many of my clients find the process of updating their profile a powerful way to find their voice and tell their story. They often realise as part of the process of writing their profile that everything they’ve done professionally leading up to this point has in some way prepared them for their current business opportunities! This is an exciting moment of clarity for business owners and often influences how they talk about what they do and how they help their ideal client. It is so important to be able to clearly state this, and the more confident and focussed you can be, the more effective you will be when attracting, engaging with and acquiring clients online and offline.




LinkedIn Tip: Take control of the information people can find out about you online by having a well optimised profile.
This means completing your profile with the many free features available to showcase you and your business. When people type in your name into an online search, you want them to find your LinkedIn Profile first! Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. It launched in 2003 and has over 300M members (LinkedIn Profiles) globally, over 4M company pages, over 1M professionals publishing on LinkedIn Pulse and over 2M Groups.