How to Put Wellness on Your Agenda in 2016

For many people the mental jump required to move their dreams and desires for their lives into goals and then action is just too big a step to take. There are many reasons for this and they relate to your childhood, your worldview and the self talk and chatter that goes on inside your head. I like to call this ‘what you choose to believe and accept’. The difficulty for people who navigated their lives this way is that they often remain unhappy, dissatisfied and have a general feeling of dread about being stuck in a life or job they are not satisfied with. They have many excuses for why they are where they are, but are quietly cursing themselves for not being able to to find a way to do things differently.

The Dilemma I Faced After Career Consultations

The focus of Think Bespoke is to provide resources and services to assist people’s professional journey. Our services cater to both businesses and individuals and I often work with people who feel stuck in jobs or careers they no longer enjoy. My focus is on helping them build a better road map and action plan for their careers. In July last year, after a team’s annual review their manager heard me speak and asked me how I could help his team, who worked in a high pressure and fast paced environment and so rarely had time to look up and consider their future. Anxiety levels were high and he could see this starting to take a personal toll on some team members who had not cultivated a life outside of work. He wanted to help them plan their future career paths (both within and beyond their current organization) and so we agreed to run a series of Career Consultations with the individual team members.

Did you cry when you spoke to Karen?

Career Consultations with Think Bespoke

By the 2nd or 3rd career consultation with this team, the question each person was asked by a fellow team member was ‘did you cry?’ For many of the hard working individuals in this team, their time with me was the first time they had taken the time to stop, think and reflect on their career plan. I saw a pattern of behaviours emerge from these career consultations and so found myself faced with a dilemma. How do I help those clients who want a better career and life for themselves, but cannot take the first step on their own?

I explored the idea of referring them to a counsellor or hypnotherapist (which are both viable options) but was unable to find the right fit for the type of issues I was seeing these clients face (low self esteem, lacking confidence and unable to see the forest for the trees).

It is funny how the solution is often right in front of you.

Jane Robotham, Soul Clarity

And then on a Sunday afternoon in December, after spending a lovely few hours with Jane Robotham at an annual Christmas party, we both realized that she could help! I have known Jane personally for over 15 years and have worked with her as a client to develop her LinkedIn Profile and blogging plan over the past 12 months. It is funny how the solution is often right in front of you. Jane’s warm and considered approach to helping clients better navigate their lives and decision making was exactly what these clients needed!


Jane’s Story

Jane is a Positive Change Facilitator, a Wellness Coach and a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience. She is also the founder of Soul Clarity her positive change business, whilst also being a mum, a wife, a home creator which all adds up to one thing . . . living a very busy life! Jane’s passion for self-change began in her 20’s when she made a choice to heal a difficult childhood to live the life of her dreams.

Once she became a mother, her passion deepened as she wanted to provide the best environment in which her growing little souls could thrive and expand. Being the best version of herself when she was around them and parenting with love and respect mattered greatly.
The reality of living in a busy and changing environment whilst working part time often left her feeling frazzled, reactive and exhausted. She began to note that when she couldn’t match up to her expectations she felt disappointed and guilty for not being able to give the best of herself to her children.

Choosing to live without these feelings was a turning point in her life. It was over 10 years ago after a conversation with her father just before he died, that she chose to embark on a life of greater happiness and contentment!

By using a variety of techniques it became evident that it was possible to take charge of her responses in such a way that she felt happier, calmer and more confident as a result, despite what challenges she was facing each day. She has been practicing a variety of techniques ever since and feels the lasting benefits every single day.


Official Collaboration Partner

Soul Clarity is an official collaboration partner of Think Bespoke and offers positive change education, sharing tools to:

  • Help manage daily challenges and discomforts.
  • Increase personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Foster a positive attitude through effective action.
  • Create a new mindset for success in life and inner happiness.
  • learn to connect to your personal power so you can live from the heart.

From here anything and everything is possible and my clients can move their career goals into action!

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A Special Opportunity For You

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