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Career Case Study: How a Strategic Approach on LinkedIn Helps Dream Job Hunters

by Career Management

In this Career Case Study Series we’ve asked the talented individuals around us to share their stories.  Learn from people who have taken a leap of faith in their career and stepped outside their comfort zone. I hope that you can relate to these stories and use them as a source of strength to encourage you to confidently go in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagine for yourself.

Read about Kayla Blackmore, as she shares her experience with taking a strategic and well thought out approach to LinkedIn.


How LinkedIn Helps Dream Job Hunters

LinkedIn felt overwhelming to me before I discovered Think Bespoke and their training services. Everyone in my circle was ‘inviting’ people to connect, without any real thought or design. LinkedIn at first glance appeared to be a numbers game. The winner was the person with the most connections.

Now that I have actually taken the time to implement a strategic approach, I have a much better understanding of how LinkedIn can work for me. It has opened up so many opportunities in places I would never have considered.  I spent time with Karen from Think Bespoke. During this time I discovered how powerful a tool LinkedIn can be particularly when it came to –

  • Job hunting
  • Strengthening ties within my current role.
By implementing her recommendations, I have been able to connect and engage with small business owners. It has also helped me in my roles as Retail Buyer and meant I’ve been able to research products for my retail shelves. I have joined a number of groups that now keep me up to date with changes in the retail and food markets. I have also taken the time to share insights and opinions with my industry connections.

Build Your Profile in Your Industry

The connections I have made on LinkedIn have enabled me to build my profile in my industry.  Should the time come for me for my next career move, some of the ground work is already done. My name is now a bit more familiar, and my tone and professionalism has been established.  My absolute favourite part of LinkedIn (and a known hobby of mine), is what I like to call ‘LinkedIn Stalking’. That is, the function that allows you to see who has viewed your profile. I have found that by viewing other people’s profiles they become naturally curious about mine. I have even managed to land myself interviews for roles in the recent past by taking this approach!

Develop Connections for the Future

There were two small businesses that I had been following for a number of years on LinkedIn. Two years ago when I was looking for a new role, I connected with the owners and the HR managers for these businesses. I did this by sending them a personalised invitation to connect and introducing myself. I was delighted to see that these individuals had proceeded to view my profile and connect.

Nothing came of these discussions at the time, except that now they knew my name, and we were connected via LinkedIn. I could see their updates, posts, and any job advertisements that they then put out there.  I had recently been thinking that it was time to look for a new role. Literally, in the week that I was considering this, I saw that the owner of one of my dream employers had looked at my profile. This was one of those businesses from 2 years ago. And now he was looking at me!

I sent him a note “I noticed you have recently viewed my profile…” – using a few lines that I had learnt from Think Bespoke. He immediately messaged me back, informing me there was actually a role they were developing that he would like to talk to me about! They had not yet even written up the job advertisement.

I had managed to get in before anyone else even knew about this vacancy.  All because of LinkedIn! …..

And the rest, they say, is history!

I credit my current role to taking the time to learn about LinkedIn. It is now my first port of call to make new connections, research areas in my industry, and continue to build my profile online.  Thank you Karen and Think Bespoke for your advice and insights. I would recommend their LinkedIn services to any one in any industry that wants to start making a serious impression in their field!

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As one of Asia Pacific’s Top 10 LinkedIn Experts I share fortnightly news with my global email community and run monthly online Lunch and Learns to teach professionals how to unlock LinkedIn. Sign up to my newsletter to help you learn LinkedIn – the right way!

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