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Career Q&A: Flexible Work For Mums

by Career Management

In this month’s Career Q&A we hear the career story of Danielle Ross Walls, Career Ideas For Mums. Danielle’s own desire to find flexible work after having children has inspired her to help others do the same, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Career Ideas For Mums Expo in October.

Please tell us a little about  a day in the working life of Danielle

My story is like most busy mum’s, beginning with the mad rush of the morning before school and day care drop offs, starting my work day and repeating in the afternoon! I find working at night helps in the juggling act as ultimately family comes first.

How does this differ to your career ambitions as a young adolescent?

My very first job was setting up rooms at a Conference Centre when I was 16. I loved the job and some 20 years later I find myself in the events industry again – so without knowing it I found my calling very early on in life!

What was the defining moment that set you on the career path you are on today?

I was propelled into action when it became apparent to me that I was one of so many Mums struggling with the desire for flexible work to fit around their families. It occurred to me that I could not only create a ‘flexible’ job for myself in creating this Expo, but also make a difference and help other Mums too.

Who inspires you both in life and in business?

So many people! There are so many inspiring women making waves and paving the way. Jade McKenzie from Event Head for her focus on the little things, her professionalism and attention to details. Carolyn Creswell of Carmen’s Kitchen for her incredible foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, and Lisa Messenger of The Collective – for breaking all the rules.

What is one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make in your journey to success and career happiness?

Taking a risk on myself. This Expo is a giant leap of faith and exposes me to the possibility of failure, which is ultimately the secret to success because if we don’t push ourselves, we’ll always be left wondering ‘what if?’

What is one of the best decisions you’ve had to make in your journey to success and career happiness?

I’ll get back to you in October after the Expo!

How have these decisions reflected on your personal happiness?

I am currently pinching myself that I am making my own dreams come true by doing what I am passionate about and absolutely love doing. I have created a flexible job for myself that not only allows me to put my family first whilst still achieving personal career goals, but I’m helping other Mums do the same – so that’s the cherry on top.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career/business in your industry?

Whatever it is that you have your mind set on doing, regardless of industry, you must love what you are doing and enjoy your time doing it, because it’s then not seen as hard work but more a ‘labour of love!’

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your career story with Think Bespoke’s community.

Career Ideas For MumsTo find out more about the upcoming Expo in October, visit the Career Ideas For Mums website or connect with Danielle on LinkedIn.


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