How to Build Your Business Community on LinkedIn

If you target B2B or professionals, then your presence on LinkedIn is a critical part of your content marketing strategy to attract, acquire and engage your business community.  A LinkedIn Company Page can play a role for both your clients and colleagues who refer your business services.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A Company Page allows you to provide information to your business community. I view it a little like a newsletter or Facebook Company Page, but for B2B. I make a promise to professionals who follow the page and ensure we source, write and post articles that add value to the needs of Think Bespoke’s business community. When you follow Think Bespoke’s company page on LinkedIn you will receive regular insights to assist your professional journey.

LinkedIn describes the benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page for businesses as the opportunity to:

Tell your company’s story
Engage with followers
Share career opportunities
Drive word of mouth at scale

LinkedIn Company Page – your Business Community

The concept of Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Company Page being my community on LinkedIn was well received at a recent global recruitment conference I presented to.

LinkedIn Company pages


I like that LinkedIn is keen for companies to post on LinkedIn via their company pages as it demonstrates the shift being made on this platform to adding value to small business communities.

I manage many Australian SME client’s LinkedIn Company Pages and received an email from LinkedIn recently prompting me to improve engagement with my Company’s Page Updates for a page I’d just set up for a client.

How to Maximise Engagement with a LinkedIn Company Page

Here is a screen shot from the email with LinkedIn’s suggestions to maximise engagement with Company Page Status Updates.

Are you making the most of the opportunity to engage your clients and colleagues with a LinkedIn Company Page?

If you’ve seen some great examples of LinkedIn Company Pages, or would like to let me know how you are engaging your community with your Company Page, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. If we are not connected, you may also like to connect with me on LinkedIn.