GO GO Networking: When flat feet find happiness

As much as I enjoy the results I get from networking on LinkedIn, I also enjoy meeting new people face to face.  I recently had the opportunity to attend the GO Festival, a 3 day event held in the Royal Exhibition Building.

I was fortunate to meet a number of very interesting organisations and have featured some of these for you to learn more about too.

The Parent Academy

Shirley Taylor, The Parent Academy


The Parent Academy

My first encounter was with Shirley Taylor who is the Founder of The Parent Academy, a parent coaching and mentoring company.

I was particularly taken with The Mums Pocket Support Cards which you see Shirley holding in the photo. I asked Shirley to put pen to paper and send me more details about these cards, which are especially for parents with pre-school aged children who are having one of those days when nothing is going right and you are feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.



These cards are designed for use during those days where life is just getting on top of you. In the middle of one of ‘those’ days, reach in and randomly select a pocket support card, when you read it you will hear someone else’s voice in your head supporting you through that bad day. I have created this to help parents see that even when you feel your most helpless and hopeless there is always someone who believes you are doing a great job.

With 12 supportive sayings including “It’s OK to cry!”, “Smile” and “I believe in you” they make fantastic gifts for new mothers.

The Mums Pocket Support Cards can be purchased online here and are just $10 each (including postage within Australia).

Cassie, AusMumpreneur Program Manager

Cassie Lee, Ausmumpreneur Program Manager


I generally find attending expo style events a bit confronting as there are a lot of people at stands asking you to ‘enter now’ or approaching you with a hard sell. What I liked about Cassie when I met her was her warm smile and genuine interest in whether I owned a business.

Cassie manages Ausmumpreneur’s online programs and is also a mum of 2 boys with her own business www.CassieJene.com supporting emerging artists, designers and illustrators to build an online presence.

I was not familiar with Ausmumpreneur (have I been living in a vacuum?) and noticed what great sponsors they have secured for their annual Ausmumpreneur Awards.

I also asked Cassie to share with us a little about Ausmumpreneur.

Ausmumpreneur is Australia’s leading community for Mums in Business run by sisters, Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner since 2009. Today the community has grown to over 33,000 members and is home to the annual Ausmumpreneur Awards and conference. Community members enjoy peer support, access to business programs as well as mentorship for their mumpreneur journey.

The Happy Shoe & Scrubs Shop #happyfeet

The Happy Shoe & Scrubs Shop


Comfortable Shoes

And finally, a topic close to my heart . . comfortable shoes.  I was particularly happy to encounter this stand, featuring shoes for people like me who have flat feet and do not like wearing heels.

This was the highlight of my visit as I was able to check my shoe size and can now jump on line and order at The Happy Shoe & Scrubs Shop


The GO Festival was held on 13, 14 and 15 March.  To find out more about this event, please click here.