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Career Q&A: From Redundancy to Financial Coach

by Career Management

One of the first Career Q&A posts I shared via this blog was with Stacey Price, Financial Coach, Healthy Business Finances.  I have watched Stacey’s business grow since first meeting her at the Monash Women’s Business Networking Expo.  Stacey is a fellow She will Shine member.

Stacey was very unfortunate to experience not one, but two, redundancies within quite a short timeframe and after returning from maternity leave with her first and then second child.

Stacey’s story is one of resilience and tenacity.  I was fortunate to spend a morning with her on my business, experiencing her financial coaching

To celebrate her journey, I have included some of the details from the original blog post here, where she reflects on the emotional journey that led her to setting up what is now a successful financial coaching, accounting and book keeping business, Healthy Business Finances.

I was on maternity leave in 2010 with my first child and requested to return to my old job part time, because, as like most new mums, my priorities had changed. I went in to meet with HR to be told I was made redundant. It was a shock to say the least which soon turned sour placing tension on myself and my family. I found part time work and loved my “new” job.



However, I fell pregnant with my second child and went on unpaid leave in 2012, expecting to return to work in 2013. Much to my horror – I was yet again made redundant. Being made redundant when you truly love your job and the people you work with is hard to take – but to have it happen twice…. You feel a sense of loss, a feeling that you are useless, not to mention you start to doubt your own ability and you start asking yourself why you bother.

I had worked for 14 years in the finance and accounting sector and thought I was good at what I did. I was efficient, met deadlines, did whatever was required – but ended up without a job and feeling pretty much “unloved” on the work front. Plus I now had two small children and no foreseeable income – and I am too old fashioned to rely on my husbands wage. Plus – I wanted to work.

So much negativity could have really gotten me down, but what is the point?

I came home from that meeting with HR that day in 2013 and have never looked back.

I contacted my web designer and told her I needed a website ASAP as I was going to run my own business. One that would provide bookkeeping and accounting support to other small business owners – but would also allow me to be flexible around my family. I got business cards designed and printed and started my social media campaign.

My business started in May 2014, and although the first year was at times a hard process and often an emotional roller coaster – you have to find the positive in everything – no matter how small.

I now see being made redundant as the best thing that has happened to me this year.

I am proud to now say I run my own successful financial coaching, accounting and book keeping business.

Giving up was just never an option for me.

Thank you for sharing your story Stacey.  If you would like to connect with Stacey on LinkedIn please click here or visit her website here.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

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