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Career Q&A: Never Give Up Until You Find Your Passion

by Career Management

With 1 small business venture under her belt selling Limited Edition printed artwork for little people’s interior spaces, Lisa Iurada is enjoying the fruits of her labour on the home and work front. She has done the necessary hard work to explore her values and life’s purpose and build her profession around these important elements.

As a Personal Stylist with Cocoon Styling, a new venture she launched earlier this year, Lisa is enjoying the satisfaction that comes from her values, passions and career aligning.

1.    Please tell us a little about a day in the working life of Lisa

My husband and I have a young family of 3 kids ranging in age from 10 to 6 yrs old. I generally work 2-3 days a week. I wake up to the sound of children calling me anywhere between 5.45 and 6.15am! My day will either start with a walk, bike ride or a pilates class. I’m definitely a morning person and I need to do some form of physical activity most mornings. Lunches are prepared, breakfast served and then kids are dropped off to school by 8.50am. I will drive straight to a client’s home if I have a Wardrobe cleanse or to Chadstone and trawl through the racks at the shops before meeting my client at 10am. I will work until I need to collect kids from school in the afternoon  The second half of my day commences – ferrying kids to afterschool activities and preparing dinner.

2.    How does this differ to your career ambitions as a young adolescent?

I can’t remember exactly what my ambitions were as a young kid but it would have involved an element of creativity and working with people. I have always loved to create and use my hands to make things. I have always had loads of drive, passion and enthusiasm to work and earn my own money. I remember starting a part-time job when I was 14 years old and then I continued to work through school and University, apart from about 3 yrs when the kids were really little. I’m a resilient person and my motto really is Never Give Up.

3.    What was the defining moment that set you on the career path you are on today?

Really listening to my gut feel and taking in all the messages that the universe was sending me. After discovering I wanted a career change from my Advertising and Marketing communications background, I worked closely with a Business and Life Coach where we discovered that there were about 3 career professions that would be suited to me. A personal Fashion Stylist was one of these. Coincidently, in the same period of time I had 2 women who randomly approached me saying they had worked out the perfect job for me and it was this same job!!!! I then investigated doing some studies in this area and the rest is history. Here I am, 3 years later.

4.    Who inspires you both in life and in business?


One of my greatest passions is to travel. I’m a very visual person, so to see and experience new environments and cultures (colours, textures, landscapes) fills me with life.

My family and friends and my spiritually keeps me grounded (so do my three kids) and going to the movies.  My form of escapism. My very patient husband nurtures me and always has my back and my kids ground me and ignite my playful side.

My mother’s background in design, and her love of fabrics and pattern making has always inspired me as I grew up surrounded by this.

Strong, accomplished and passionate women who pursue their dreams while still being able to raise a family.

I’m also inspired by people that quietly go about their business without attracting attention to themselves. These are people with strong inner confidence.

5.    What is one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make in your journey to success and career happiness?

Taking the leap of faith to leave the corporate world and resign from my office job without having a new job lined up. I had started feeling totally suffocated in this ‘concrete jungle’, working in an office environment 9-6pm every day, all day. I knew I needed a change and needed to do something that I was passionate about and would once again spark my creativity.

Starting my own business was also a hard decision because it’s really scary going out on your own for fear of failure and people judging you. You are very vulnerable and able to be easily judged.

6.What is one of the best decisions you’ve had to make in your journey to success and career happiness?

Journey to career happiness: On the other side of the coin starting my business was also the best decision I made. I started my first business when I was pregnant with my third baby. I started a small business called Pigeon Pudding selling Limited Edition printed artwork for little people’s interior spaces. I still run this business today.

Another very important decision was then deciding to work with a Business and Life coach who helped me define my values and life’s purpose and build my profession around these important elements. But it was starting the Pigeon Pudding business that then gave me the courage to start my own Personal Styling business, as I knew what was required.

Success: Biggest success is marrying my husband and having my 3 children. My life would not be what it is today without them. I’m much more efficient, decisive and confident since having my children. I know myself a lot better.

However, it’s a constant struggle for me to juggle work and family life.

7. How have these decisions reflected on your personal happiness?

Seeing others being just as passionate and enthuastic about my work as I am. Positive feedback from clients brings me total satisfaction and reminds me that people want and enjoy the service that I provide. Seeing the smiles and air of confidence on my clients face after a session fills me so much joy.

I like to help people feel better about themselves and to encourage them to bring out their best and be the best version of them.

Thank you Lisa for joining us this month for our Career Q&A.  I am confident you story will inspire others to leave the ‘concrete jungle’ you describe, and follow their dreams.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram here or contact her here to find out more about her Wardrobe Cleanse and Shopping Service. You can also visit her website here.

Lisa also has gift vouchers, which are the perfect Christmas gift for the special women in your life.

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