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Career Q&A: Why You Must Back Yourself

by Career Management

This month we are fortunate to have Ryan Bishop from Boom Studios in Melbourne, share his career story. Ryan has stayed true to his early interest in designing and creating and is recognised for his innovation in printing, branding, pop up stores and creative fabrication.

Tell us a little about a day in the working life of Ryan

My day generally starts off with coffee from Jerrys in St Kilda. From here I set off to the office and I try to get in around 7:30 – 8 to get the day underway. 

First hour of the day is taken up by emails and planning the day ahead. We have a production meeting around 9 with all the staff to set our goals and make sure our deadlines are met. 

Most days I will be out in the city taking briefs from my clients in the middle of the day or in meetings planning exhibitions and projects. I’ll try to get back to the office in the afternoon to solve issues my team has, email quotes to my clients and book in new projects. I try to be home around 8:30pm.

How does this differ to your career ambitions as a young adolescent?

All I knew when I was younger is that I wanted to do something with art, design and making stuff. I think I cover all of them pretty well! 

The defining moment that set you on the career path you are on today

I sat in front of a panel of judges as part of my Apprenticeship of the year awards. I was asked what my plan was for the future and I gave them my plan. I won the “most likely to succeed” award and that sort of gave me the confidence to keep following the dream. 

Who inspires you both in life and in business?

I really admire Dick Smith as a businessman and role model. I take more out of his will to do good things without worry of financial reward…. as they say . . 

Do what you love and the money will follow. 

What is one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make in your journey to success and career happiness?

Selling out of my last business venture. It was a very successful business but I had a bad partnership. I had put so much time and energy into growing the business. Deciding to leave was the hardest decision I’ve had to make. 

And the best?

Selling out of my last business (haha). Just realising that I didn’t need others around me to get what and where I wanted. 

Once I realised that nobody is ever going to hand me what I want and I am the only one that can make my dreams real it all fell into place.

How have these decisions reflected on your personal happiness?

I was unhappy for a very long time but never really knew why … and now I know!  Everyone has their own agenda and when you’re not calling the shots you are just part of someone else’s plan. 

Win or lose in business, the fact that I can say I had a crack means I can die a happy man with no regrets. 

This has reflected in all aspects of my life as I look at everything now as new possibilities and adventures.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career/business in your industry?

Back yourself. 

As in any industry, if you’re the best at what you do people want to be part of it. Being in a creative industry it is hard to gauge performance as creativity is subjective, all you can do is what you think is awesome! 

If you’d like to be inspired by Ryan and the team at Boom Studios, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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