6 Tips for a Healthy Resume

If you are considering updating your resume, or just wondering how effective your current approach to applying for jobs is, here are some tips to check the health of your resume and approach.

1. Every opportunity requires a revised resume

You should have a master resume which captures all of your work experience and skills. However, every single time you apply for a new opportunity you should be re-crafting this to suit the requirements of the role. Employers want to see that you are a great fit to both the company culture and the role you are applying for. This means you should tailor your resume to suit each individual opportunity/company/role you apply for.
Tip – highlight the most relevant skills and qualities in your resume

2. Length of your Resume

If your resume is more than 3 pages you may be limiting your chances of getting short-listed for interview. 
Tip – review and condense your resume in order to get it down to the optimal 3 pages.

3. Referees in your Resume


You should supply 3 referees (2 professional and 1 personal) that are current and relevant.
Tip – include the most relevant and current referees.

4. Email address

Always use a professional email address like john.desouza@xxx.com to increase your chance of being short-listed.
Tip – review personal email address and make sure it’s suitable

5. Highlight your achievements

The best way to show proven success in your roles is to list your key achievements within each role as bullet points under each role. A resume with plenty of good achievements will be more likely to be short-listed than one without out.
Tip – include at least 1 relevant key achievement for each role.


6. Spelling & Grammatical Errors


This is obvious, but worth mentioning.  
Tip – spell-check and grammar check your resume.